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Field Hockey and Soccer is among other popular games. India won Asia cup in hockey in 2011.

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Q: What sport is becoming more and more popular?
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Is cricket the main sport in Australia?

Yes. Cricket is Australia's unofficial national sport. However, other sports are rapidly becoming more popular.

What is the simple subject of this sentence 'The sport of wake boarding is becoming very popular'?

Sport is the simple subject.

What is typically the favorite sport in Puerto Rico?

There is not a consensus. But the most popular ones are boxing, basketball, baseball and in the last years soccer is becoming as popular as volleyball or more.

Is racquetball an English sport?

Yes, racquetball is an English sport, though it is more played in the United States. In England it is spelled "racketball" and is becoming one of the most popular indoor racket sports in the country. Squash is still more popular, but racquetball is a growing sport and is popular with people of all ages as it is not as demanding on the body-joints as squash is.

Which sport is more popular softball or baseball?

Well it depends. Softball is more popular with girls, but baseball is more popular with boys. In major leagues, baseball is more popular. Baseball is "Americas" sport. Plus it's more talked about with sport fans.

Is gasohol becoming more popular?


Which sport is more popular soccer or gymnastics?

Is this a serious question? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world

Is anime becoming popular?

Anime is slowly becoming viewed as a hobby which is much more than it was 15 years ago. So yes it is becoming more and more popular.

Is soccer the popular sport in china or is basketball?

Baseball is more popular

What sport is more popular then rugby?

socceris the most popular sport worldwide, in the united states it would be football.

What is Canada's top sports?

Canada has hockey as their main sport, but lacrosse is now becoming very popular.

When did swimming become popular in the US?

swimming gained popularity in the 19th century...becoming a sport in the U.S.

How popular is chess?

Chess has been a very popular game and is becoming even more popular .

What sport is more popular basketball or netball?


Which sport is more popular football or soccer?


What is sport is more popular hockey or football?


What sport was more popular in the 1950's?


What is more popular sport in Australia?

Rugby League

What is more popular sport in England?

I am sure its Football

How do buyers and sellers use eChecks?

eChecks are like regular checks but are processed online. The eChecks are becoming more and more popular as online billing and purchasing is becoming more popular.

Where is Starcraft most popular?

It is most popular in south Korea where it is played as a pro sport. However Starcraft II has been becoming popular in other countries as well

Is baseball becoming more popular than soccer?


Is softball a popular sport in th US?

Yes and no. it is not as near as popular as soccer, but more popular than lacrosse. almost every school has softball as a sport.

Why are Andrew products becoming more popular?

Andrew products are becoming more popular because many are interested in traditional Chinese medicine has grown as more people turn to natural remedies.

What is the right way Paris is becoming more and more popular among foreigners or Paris is becoming more and more polular to foreigners?

"Paris is more popular than ever among foreigners" is probably the better sentence.