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Equestrian sports: Show jumping, dressage, barrel racing and polo.

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Q: What Sport is played using animals?
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What do Muslims believe about using animals in sport?

Islam does not like torturing animals just for sport. They are living beings like humans. They should be treated kindly.

What Olympic sport is played using stones and brooms?


Why do people use animals for sport?

Because some sports are not played without animals like polo horse ridding etc

A sport must be played using physical skills?

well sport would b no fun if it wasn't physical, see what i mean?

What sport is played during two periods of 45 minutes each and involves a system of fouls using red and yellow cards?

Soccer is one such sport.

What sport is played during two periods of 45 minutes each and involves a system of fouls using red yellow cards?

It is the sport of Association football (soccer).

What is a blood sport?

A blood sport is a sport which involves the killing or shedding of blood of animals.

Why is cricket played?

It's a sport. Why is any sport played?

Which sport is played least in France?

Wrestling is the least played sport in France.

What is a sport played in Taiwan?

baseball is a sport played in taiwan.

What is Chile's most second played sport?

Soccer is Chiles most played sport, but tennis is Chiles second most played sport

What was the first sport played in Canada?

Lacrosse is the first sport played in Canada which is also the first sport invented.

What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport played around the world, originally this sport was played by the native Americans to settle tribal disputes seeing as how its better then thousands of their tribesman ding it was a much more humane way of settling situations, this sport is played by using sticks with nets on the ends of them, there used to pass the ball down to the opposing side of the field in hopes of making a goal.... the sport is a mixture of football hockey and soccer by most means.

What sport is played during two periods of 45 minutes each and involves a system of fouls using red or yellow cards?


What is the main sport played in Vietnam?

The main sport played in Vietnam is soccer.

Which sport is played during the LPGA tour?

The sport of golf is played in the LPGA.

What is the most played sport in Austraila?

Soccer is the most played sport in Australia

What sport is played at Fenway Park?

The sport that is played at Fenway Park is baseball.

What sport was played in the omylpics?

The sport that was played was Athletics, or you can say cycling and Handball.

What was a sport played during the 1940's?

football was the most sport played then

What is the most played sport in austarlia?

EVENTING is the most played sport in australia.

What sport is played by the Red Socks?

Baseball Is The Sport Played By The Red Socks.

Is basketball the most played sport?

No. The sport with the most players is currently Football (Soccer); which has over two hundred and fifty million players, world wide. However; basketball was originally played using a football (Soccer ball).

The only sport played 240000 miles from home?

golf. yes golf it was played on the moon using a rock collecting device after work was finished on one of the moon missions

What is the most sport played by girls?

The most played sport by girls is Basketball. Either boys or girls are allowed to play this sport