What sport is an anaerobic sport?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What sport is an anaerobic sport?
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What is a anaerobic sport?


Is hockey an aerobic or an anaerobic sport?

Hockey is an aerobic sport.

What sport requires anaerobic capacity?

There aren't too many sports that require anaerobic capacity. Weight Lifting/Body Building are the obvious anaerobic sport. Arm wrestling, horseshoes, and shuffleboard are all anaerobic too.

Is softball aerobic or anaerobic?

Aerobic means with oxygen and anaerobic means without oxygen so no sport is anaerobic

Is swimming an anaerobic sport?

Yes It Makes You Work Hard

When does someone know when their anaerobic threshold has been reached?

Sport scientists use lactate monitoring to deduce a persons anaerobic limit.

Is gymnastics anaerobic or aerobic?

well anaerobic doesnt use oxygen and aerobic uses oxygen and gymnastics is a sport so that question doesnt even make sense

Which sport is considered both an aerobic and an anaerobic activity?


Is lacrosse an aerobic or anaerobic sport?

Aerobic. Aerobic and Anaerobic aspects of the sport are very position specific. Midfield positions require long distance running and are primarily aerobic (approx. 70% aerobic), while defense and attack players focus mostly on agility and short bouts of sprints (70-75% anaerobic).

How chemistry is applied in Sport Industry?

sport chemistry is the study of the anaerobic and aerobic respiration to produce energy sport chemistry is the study of the anaerobic and aerobic respiration to produce energy

Why is javelin anaerobic sport?

It is an areboic sport because you have to use all of your body to get a good throw. you have to twist and turn your upper body so you use the same motions as aerobic sport.