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Q: What sport is a deuce used in?
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Related questions

Which sport uses the term deuce?

The typical sport that uses the term, "deuce", is Tennis or Table Tennis.

What sport uses a deuce?


In what sport do you hear the terms 'love' and 'deuce'?


In what sport do you hear the terms love deuce?


In which Olympic sport would you see scores like 30-Love or Deuce?


What is a deuce in volleyball?

Deuce means a tied score. Also it can be used in tennis, badminton and some indoor games.

What actors and actresses appeared in Deuce - 2008?

The cast of Deuce - 2008 includes: Deuce Skurcenski as Deuce Lawrence Skurcenski as Deuce

What term is used in tennis for 40-40?


What term is used in tennis 40 40?


In which sport would you hear the word forty love?

You would hear those words in tennis. They are for keeping score in a game. The game points go from love (0) to 15, 30, 40 and then game. If it is 40 all, it is deuce. To win a deuce, you must win by 2 points. It goes from deuce to the advantage of the player who won that point, and then game.

Is the tennis scoring system used in any other sports or is it unique to tennis?

The scoring system of tennis is unique and is only used in this sport. The scoring used is love (0), 15, 30, 40 & game. There are also areas of deuce (when the score is 40-40) and then add-in & add-out.

What band did Craig Robert Young used to be a part of?


What term is used for the situation when it is 40-all in tennis?


What is a deuce in basketball?

A deuce is 2 points. If someone shoots a two pointer, it is a deuce.

Who are Deuce and Domino?

they used 2 be tag team champs in wwe

Why deuce leave Hollywood undead?

Because J3T and deuce had an argument and they had to decide who to kick out either J3T and JDOG or deuce so they kicked out deuce and ripped up his contract.

What is a deuce topper?

deuce is called when 40-40 happend and who wins that game is called deuce topper

Correct spelling deuce or duece?


What is deuce 2?

Deuce 2, is when you reach deuce for the second time in the game.ex: 40-40 deuceadvantage-4040-40 deuce 2

What term is used in Tennis for the points 40-40 each?

For the points 40-40 each, the term used in Tennis is 'deuce'.

How did deuce from Hollywood undead die?

Deuce isn't dead.

When was Double Deuce created?

Double Deuce was created in 1992.

When was The Deuce created?

The Deuce was created on 2005-10-27.

How tall is Sid Deuce?

Sid Deuce is 168 cm.

How tall is Deuce McAllister?

Deuce McAllister is 6' 1".