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A K2 Apache is used for the sport of skiing.

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Q: What sport is a K2 Apache used for?
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What kind of care does a K2 Apache Recon require?

One should care for their K2 apache Recon skis by wiping them down after use. One should also make sure to wax them periodically and keep them at room temperature when not in use.

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Can you mount any binding to k2 apache skis?

You can mount most bindings to K2 skis that are "flat" which do not have the built in metal flanges. Be sure to check the width of the brake so it will fit the width of the ski. For example the 09/10 Apache Xplorers come flat which have a smooth surface to drill and mount your bindings. They also came with integrated bindings that mount onto metal flanges that are built into the skis. You can only use the Marker MX binding with this ski as far as I know. I would call K2 in Washington and ask about the specific Apache ski you are interested in. The phone number is 800-426-1617 . Good Luck!

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