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Officially, baseball is America's national pastime; but an argument could also be made for American-style football.

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Q: What sport is America's game?
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What game which evolved from the English game of rounders became Americas most popular sport during the late 19th century?


Americas oldest sport?

The oldest sport is baseball in America

Is basketball Americas favorite sport?

It is in americas top three sport, but all i know is football is americas favorite, and either baseball or basketball i americas second and third favorite but I do not the rder of which one, i hope oi helped you

What is Americas 1 sport?


What is americas most watched sport?


Is baseball Americas favorita sport?


Is baseball more populare than football?

Abviously Baseball is much more of a mind game than football and a much better game. Not to mention it is Americas favorite sport.

Why is baseball considered Americas sport?

It is one of Americas most popular sports and one of the first

Is football Americas sport?

i personally think baseball is the American sport but some say football is.

A popular sport in Honduras is?

Soccer is a major sport in all of the Latin Americas, including Honduras

What is americas most popular sport?

Baseball or football

What is Americas best sport?

It Is football (soccer) Or NFL

What is Americas favourite sport?

Soccer, they call it futbol

What sport is known as Americas national pastime?


Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

What is the oldest sport in the US?

Lacrosse is considered to be Americas first sport, brought by the North American Indians

Is football a game or sport?

It is basically both a game and a sport.

Why is golf Americas favorite sport?

Cuz they all fat.

Is baseball a great sport?

yes it is Americas past time

What is the sport best pay in US?

The most payed sport in the Americas is golf because of the amount of people playing this sport and because of the cost of the equipment needed to exceed in this sport.

What is the simple predicate in the sentence baseball is one of Americas favorite sports?

what is the simple predicate in baseball is americas favorite sport

Is golf a sport or game?

It is a sport, although you can play a game of golf.

What is a lacrosse game?

Lacrosse is a sport. A lacrosse game is playing the sport.

Why is Baseball America's favorite sport?

Baseball isn't even America's favorite sport. According to surveys football is Americas favorite sport, and baseball is third.

With what sport is the America's cup associated?

The Americas Cup is associated with sailing.