A popular sport in Honduras is?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Soccer is a major sport in all of the Latin Americas, including Honduras

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Q: A popular sport in Honduras is?
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What is Honduras popular sport?


What sports have Honduras made up?

Soccer is a very popular sport in the Honduras.

What is the national baseball team of Honduras?

Don´t have, it isn´t a popular sport in honduras.

What is a popular sport in the Honduras?

(SOCCER) Spanish people love soccer!!

National sport in Honduras?

The national sport in Honduras is soccer. However baseball is also a very poppular sport in Honduras. Hope it helps.

Why is Honduras popular?


Where did Angela Bendeck come from?

Angela Bendeck is a popular singer from Honduras.

What is the most popular sport in central america?

Fishing, or soccer if you don't call fishing a sport.

Who are popular musicians in Honduras?

There are several popular musicians from Honduras. Some of them include singer and songwriter Guillermo Anderson, Daniel Zacapa, and Aurelio Martinez.

What is the dominant religion in Honduras?

The dominant religion in Honduras, as of 2014, is Roman Catholic. Other popular religions in Honduras are Mennonite, Lutheran, and Jehovah's Witness.

What religion is most popular in Honduras?

It's Cristian

What is the popular sport in belglium?

Cycling is the popular sport in belgium..