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Q: What sport has more attendance in a year horse racing or race cars?
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What is rally?

Rally racing is a sport where you race cars on roads. These cars are modified for racing and usually are not built to drive on roads legally.

When was the drag racing car invented?

Drag racing cars were not invented. They developed. People were "DRAG" racing cars before the word "DRAGRACE" was invented. Acceleration racing of cars was done in the early 1900's and became a sport much later.

What sport involves aerodynamics?

skiing, racebiking, Golf, any racing with cars (F1, Nascar)

What types of sports does a supersport refer to?

When something is referred to as a super sport it is normally in reference to a vehicle and the class that it is considered. Super sport cars are faster and are great for racing cars such is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

What type of sport has only two cars on the track?

Drag Racing as well as some forms of drift.

What does GSR stand for in relationship to Mitsubishi lancer evolution rally cars?

it stands for gran sport racing

When was Racing Cars created?

Racing Cars was created in 1973.

Are lamborghini's racing cars?

yes, they can be used as racing cars, but would not qualify for FORMULA1 racing or NASCAR.

What is the difference between vintage cars and racing cars?

Vintage cars are defined by the date they were built, not design, (about 1920-1930). Racing cars are defined by their design for racing.

What is Aquila racing cars's population?

Aquila racing cars's population is 5.

When was Aquila racing cars created?

Aquila racing cars was created in 2005.

When was Elden Racing Cars created?

Elden Racing Cars was created in 1961.

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