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Drag Racing as well as some forms of drift.

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Q: What type of sport has only two cars on the track?
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What is track board?

A track board is a race track which is used for a racing type of motor sport. The track is usually circular or oval in shape and has wooden planks.

What type of sport is discus?

The discus throw is an event in the sport of track and field.

What type of sport does Merlene Ottey play?

Merlene Ottey participates in the sport of track and field.

What do they do when it rains on a running track?

this is a good question. it all depends on the type of cars are running on the track. in formula 1 racing, if it starts to rain the cars will go into the pits and either put on intermediate tires or wet tires, depending on the dampness of the track. in NASCAR racing, they will pull the cars into the pits and they will take trucks with jet engines attached in the bed and have them blow the track dry. if it is a public track, they dont do anything

What sport is Centripetal force is found in?

Any type of racing or sport that requires a track of some sort. For example Nascar racing contains centripetal force

What type of running shoe is the NXN?

There are many differnt types of running shoes out there in this world. The NXNs are high preformance track shoes. They are used for running track as a sport.

What is micro sprint?

Micro Sprint is a type of racing with much smaller cars. The cars are about the size of a go-cart. The races are typically held on a round dirt track.

What is the national sport of Rassia?

The only comparatively popular and peculiarly Russian type of sport that I can think of is Gorodki

What type of brake fluid should be used for a 2002 ford sport track?

DOT 3 ( Department Of Transportation 3 )

What are the cheapest type of CTS Cars?

The cheapest type of CTS (Classic Throttle Shop) cars are Cadillacs. The Cadillac CTS is a luxury car manufactured by GM available in Sedan, Coupe and Sport Wagon. It was first released in 2002.

Which types of vehicles are created in Hot wheels toy cars for kids?

Type of vechicles created in Hot weel toy cars for kids include Rig, sport cars, racing cars, dirty outlaws, Vendetta, Carbonator, '69 Chevelle and so on.

What makes sport a sport?

the type of sport that the sport is

What type of 1985 Camaro had the 4 cylinder?

Base Sport Coupes only

What type of exercise or sport will give you the most stamina?

if ur looking for a sport that will give u stamina then u should try playing football, if not improve ur stamina by taking jogs or running track. Peace

How many cars are in a race?

Depends on the track and/or sanction the race is in, most sanctions have limits. without knowing your favorite race type I cant tell you.

Is track and field a dual sport?

It depends on the type of meet. There are some meets that are dual meets (as in only two teams running against each other). However, there are many meets where there are 20+ teams all running against each other.

How did The 2008 Beijing Olympics get its Logo?

each of the rings are to stand for one type of sport like blue for swimming, red for track and field, black for fighting etc.

What type of sport is badminton?

Badminton is a Racket sport.

Why Softball is the best described as what type of sport?

Group Team Sport

What type of fuel for 2002 Volkswagen Passat?

only use premium fuel in European cars,

Why do race car drivers stay close behind cars?

In a NASCAR type of race (there are many types of racing) staying close behind another car (this procedure is called "drafting") can increase the speed of both vehicles while both cars use less fuel. This also depends on the track and the speed the track allows them to travel.

What does the term anaerobic refer to?

this is a type of sport that last only seconds and oxygen is not used e.g Sprinting

What type of running track is Rotten Row?

The type of running track that "Rotten Row" would be classified as is a "broad track". The track is used for equestrian purposes and is located in southern Hyde Park.

What type of cars have a hybrid model?

sports cars

What is the sport Xingyi?

The sport Xingyi is a type of martial arts!

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