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Q: What sport features besoms?
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What form is aerial of transport does a witch favor?

Witches are traditionally supposed to fly on besoms.

Which sport has the features of snatches and clean jerks?

The sport of weightlifting.

Which sport features a contest called puissance?

Show jumping, in the Equestrian sport.

Which sport features a quarterback?


What sport features rucks and scrums?


Which sport features a short jenny?


Which sport features stones in a house?


What sport features a fullcourt press?


What is the sport featured on the Wrestle Zone site?

The Wrestle Zone site features the sport of professional wrestling.

Which racquet sport features both hardball and softball versions?


Which sport features in the film documentary Beyond the Mat?


Which sport features in the Alfred Hitchcock film Strangers On A Train?


Which racquet sport features both hardball and softball version?


The PlayStation 2 video game SSX features what sport?


What is the difference between sport watches and normal watches?

Sport watches often have additional features such as a stopwatch function and are often shock, and water resistant. Regular watches are more pleasing to the eye but usually lack these additional features.

What is one example of a sport that features a position known as a goalie?

One example of a sport that features a position known as a 'goalie' is ice hockey. Goalies protect the net from the opposing team and prevents them from scoring. Goalies have to have quick reflexes.

What sport features jammers breaking out of the pack?

Roller Derby; although technically, like pro wrestling, it is more of an "entertainment" than a "sport".

What bouncing sport features kabooms and swivel hip seat drops?


The 1997 movie Air Bud features a dog that plays what sport?


What is the name of this popular British sport features a egg-shaped ball?

Rugby Football

Camcorder sport recording features?

The most important features for something like this is that it has a good lens for motion capture. Because of the activity involved this will be very important.

What are the features of a sports report?

Depends on what sport you are talking about. Usually features highlights of the game, who won, the score, talk about how the team is doing, etc. This is how SportsCenter does their sports report.

Which sport does the Arsenal News Review feature?

The sport which the "Arsenal News Review" features is football. The review focuses on the football team of Arsenal Football Club including results and transfers.

What sport does ESPN Cricinfo cover?

The ESPN Cricinfo television channel is devoted to the sport of cricket. It features live cricket scores from matches around the world and has been active since 1992.

What is the latest price of Land Rover sport?

The final price for a new Land Rover Sport will vary depending on dealership and added features. The general base price, however, is listed at $61,490.