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Q: What sport features rucks and scrums?
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When phases in rugby can possession be contested?

rucks, mauls, scrums lineouts

Is there scrums in rugby league?

Yes, there is scrums in RL.

How tall is Chris Rucks?

Chris Rucks is 6' 6".

What is Irrigating a rugby field by means of sprinkler system?

Its simply watering the playing area of the ground - This is very important as the game involves many incidents of players hitting the ground and having to "dig in" to push in rucks and scrums etc. A hard ground would see considerable injury stats

When was Chris Rucks born?

Chris Rucks was born on November 1, 1980, in Elk Grove, Illinois, USA.

How a rugby team re-gains possession of the ball?

If the other team makes a mistake such as forward pass, knock-on or they kicked the ball away in rugby league the opposing team gains possession of the ball. It is the same in the union code but there are rucks, mauls, line-outs and scrums which can give the defending team opportunities to gain possession.

Which sport has the features of snatches and clean jerks?

The sport of weightlifting.

Why is agility required in rugby?

To avoid the contact process of the sport the ability to twist and turn is very important. When pushing in rucks, mauls and scum the body is general bent using more back muscles that when just standing. When in rucks the players are frequently twisted. Without high levels of agility may of the moves required would cause injury

Which sport features a quarterback?


What sport features besoms?


What is a manual version of rugby's rucks?

A maul

Does playing rugby with all the scrums rucks mauls put enough stress on what if your back to stunt what if your growth?

Okay, if I get what the question is: It is possible but it is really up to the individual and how hard he/she plays. I've been palying since I was in Highschool and I now play on a university team and I am an average height of 5"7'. I am also a prop so I take a lot of stuff. But I;m fine. :)