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Not always football. And some teenage boys enjoy other sports. ( Baseball, Basketball,etc.) basketball is the most popular sport for teens. But teenage girls Enjoy sports as well. Not really playing them but cheering for them from the sidelines. Either watching or cheering on a cheer team. But football is another sport many teens enjoy.

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Why do you play football?

you play football because you might like it

How did the Romans play football?

The Romans did not play football or anything like it.

How do you play football like Wayne Rooney?

I play football like messi because I am messi

How do you say do you like to play football in German?

Do you like to play football = Spielst du gerne Fußball

You like to play football in German?

Do you mean 'I like to play football'? That would be 'Ich spiele gern FuBball" If you do actually mean 'you like to play football' that would be "du spielst gern FuBball" If you mean "Do you like to play football?" that would be "Spielst du gern FuBball?"

What did he like to as a child?

play with teenage mutant nija turtles!!!

Do you like to play football?


Football or basketball?

Depends on whether you like football or basketball. I personally like basketball but I still like to play football.

Does your teenage son need a physical before playing football?

Yes, your son needs a physical before being able to play football. A physical is required to play on any sports team in school, so they are officially recognized as 'fit to play'.

Where can you play football?

Any where you feel like it

What does messi like?

he likes to play football

Did Queen Victoria play football?

no she did not like it

How did the Victorians play football?

By kicking it like we did

What does trey smith like to do?

play football

What does Lionel messi like to do?

play football

Why women should definitely not play games like cricket and football.?

Women can play whatever sport they like. I am a women and I love playing football.

Does Austin mahone like football?

Yes, he also used to play football

Why is basketball exciting?

If your a football fan and you like football well its like that we enjoy watching how to players play and how they do it.

What does Niall Horan like to do?

Play football, play guitar, and eat.

Why do people like the football most?

Football is the National Sport which is why everyone enjoys it. Youngsters play football from a very early age, Dads play it, there are ladies football teams now.

What does Ohio state's football players do?

Play football and win championships like a boss

What do boys like to do?

Play football!(most of them) have sex

What sport do people of Ghana like to play?


What dose Jeff Kinney like to do?

play football

Should women play football?

if they feel like it