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Q: What sport does Micheal phelps play?
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Who are the biggest sport stars in 2008?

Matt Ryan from the altanta falcons Micheal phelps

Did Micheal phelps do pot?

Micheal phelps like little boys...

What sport does Michael Phelps play?

He does swimming.

Who won the most individual medals in Olympic History?

Micheal phelps! Micheal phelps!

Is Micheal Phelps in jail?

I think Micheal Phelps is in court,not in jail,but I'm not sure

Who is Micheal Phelps Mother?

Debrah Phelps who is a princaple.

Is Micheal Phelps adopted?


What sport does Micheal Schumacher play?

He is a race car racer

What are other facts about Michael Phelps?

his name is Micheal and phelps dadad

Did Micheal Phelps do drugs?


How rich is Micheal Phelps?


Who is an Olympic swimmer?

Micheal Phelps

Who marred Micheal phelps?

Nicole Johnson married Michael Phelps in 2016.

Where was Micheal phelps born?

Baltimore, Maryland

How many medals does Micheal Phelps have?


What is micheal phelps birthday?

june 30,1985

Who is the famous American swimmer?

Micheal phelps

Is Micheal phelps alive?

yes.... he is in America

Where does Micheal phelps train?

Club Wolverine

What is Micheal Phelps favorite stroke?


What was the name of the captian of the mayflower?

Micheal Phelps

What swimming clud did michal phelps start at?

Heyy what swimming club did Micheal phelps start at?

When and Where was Michael Phelps born?

Micheal Phelps was born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 30, 1985.

Does Micheal Phelps have a job?

Yes, he is a pro swimmer.

Who has the most olympic medals?

It is currently Micheal Phelps.