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What are the Defenders called om a netball team

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Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

What are the substitution rules in basketball

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Q: What sport does Americans pick football or basketball?
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What was the third sport made?

Football Basketball and Soccer ! You Pick One !

Children had to pick their favourite sport from basketball football and hockey. 35% chose basketball and 28% chose hockey. What percentage chose football?

28/35 ×100=1

What sports might help you to grow taller?

Try to pick a sport which requires a lot of physical activity and movement, such as basketball, football, tennis etc

How do you create a financial plan for a basketball team?

Step 1-Quit basketball Step 2-Pick a proper sport

What sport other than basketball did LeBron James play in high school?

Besides being a basketball stud and the number one pick in the 2003 NBA draft straight out of high school, LeBron James played football in high school. He was a 1st team All American football player at wide receiver as well as a the player of the year in basketball.

What sport uses the terms field goal zone and Pick and Roll?

Basketball If you don't believe me google it !

What sport should you pick basketball or volleyball if you love them both a lot?

you should go with baseball its more

Field goal Zone Pick and Roll Which sport uses all these terms?

all these terms are used in "basketball"

What is the easiest Fantasy sport to play?

Fantasy basketball. You know the great plyrs. they're easy to pick, plus, you may win!

Which is more popular basketball or soccer?

More people like soccer than basketball.Soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world,it is played more than football, baseball, basketball, pool.etc.ANSWER:Soccer is the number one sport in England, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia, and many many more countries. Soccer is very popular because it doesn't have as many rules as basketball. The two main rules are don't use your hands and only the goalie can pick the ball up.

What college is the best for math and sports?

uga Duke University is very good for basketball and math. Stanford is my pick for football and math.

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