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Fantasy Basketball. You know the great plyrs. they're easy to pick, plus, you may win!

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Q: What is the easiest Fantasy sport to play?
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What is the easiest sport to play?


When do you play fantasy sports?

there is not such thing as a fantasy sport its all hard work not FUN!

How many play fantasy sport games online?


Where can someone play fantasy soccer online?

Fantasy sports have become very popular in the last decade. To play fantasy soccer online, be sure to visit Manager League, Fantasy Sport Services, and Games List.

Is basketball the easiest sport to play?

No it is not I personally believe it is pickle ball but that is just my opinion.

What is the fantasy draft for?

Fantasy draft is in sport games like nba, football, baseball etc. you can fantasy draft on sport games to make things more interesting and more fun to play. you might get a great fantasy draft team or you might get a bad fantasy draft team. in my opinion fantasy draft is great fun and a great oppritunity to have some fun.

Is basketball the hardest sport?

No, basketball is not the hardest sport to play. It is actually ranked among the easier sports to play, but not the easiest. It is pretty easy. I just takes time to know how to put a ball into a basket.

What is the worlds easiest sport?


What is the most easiest sport?


Which Fantasy sport is least popular?

The most popular is Fantasy Football (by far), followed by Fantasy Baseball. There is also Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy NASCAR which all seem to have about the same following.

What is the easiest physical sport to play?

I personal think it would be ping pong. Not everyone would consider it physical though.

Is the flute the easiest to play?

The flute is not the easiest to play, but not the hardest.

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