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Q: What sport do you use the ball and socket joint in?
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What sport do you use your ball and socket joint in?

Your leg.. NOT Your arm...NOT Your Ear...Not Only joking easy

What joint allows the body to use the hips?

Ball and socket.

What joint allows the body to use the hip?

Ball and socket.

What joints you use if you move your shoulder in a circle?

Ball and socket joint.

What is an anatomical example of a Ball and Socket Joint?

In human anatomy, the hip is the closest to a ball-and-socket joint. The corresponding feature in the arm is the shoulder joint, but the two are very different in structure and use.

What sport is the ball and socket joints used for?

you use your shoulder when throw a cricket ball and your hip when you kick a ball

What type of joint allows the body to use the hips to climb stairs?

Ball and socket:))))

What type of joint allows you the body to use the hips to climb stairs?

ball and socket

What is the best example of a ball-and-socket joint?

In a car, the gas strut for your truck lid is usually a ball/socket connection and is easy to see/get to. Others in a car are the wiper motor/linkage is usually a ball/socket joint. In the human body, the femur / Hip joint or the shoulder joint

What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

How do you change the upper control arm bushings on a 1994 gmc siera 2500 4x4?

Remove control arm from vehicle. If ball joint is pressed, use ball joint press (or hammer) to remove ball joint. If it is held in by rivits, destroy rivits and remove ball joint. Bushings may be removed and installed with ball joint press; use your head (ie: you can use a socket if there is not a ball joint press adapter that fits control arm bushing, etc.). Install new bushing STRAIGHT! Install all other parts in reverse order of removal. You should get an alignment after finished.

What sport do you use your pivot joint?


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