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You get points for a try in the sport of Rugby league and rugby union football.

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Q: What sport do you get points for a Try?
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What is rugby about?

a sport where you try and aim for the goal posts and score points to win and climb up the rugby league/union board and become first!

How can you find out how many points you have in a sport?

A scoreboard

What does a person have to do to play a sport?

try out for a sport and you might get it

How are points scored on a rugby union team?

try = 5 points Conversion (converted try) 2 points drop goal = 3 points penalty goal = 3 points Pentalty try = 5 points

What does the sport mode button on a jaguar xk8 do?

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In rugby union how many points do you get for a try?

5 and another 2 if you convert it successfully

If a guy is playing a sport and this other is playing it to and the guy has more points does that mean the guy who has more points better then the guy who has less points?

It doesn't mean that he is better then him at everything, he probably has just had more practice at the sport.

In which sport does a gold ring score you 9 points?


What is a try in hockey?

There is no such thing as a try in hockey. You have the wrong sport.

What are skill points in Wii sports?

Basicly Skill Points are how good you are in a Sport. If you Manage to get 1,000 Skill Points you reach PRO ranking

How do you master a sport?

Their is no way to "Master a sport". Just try your best and train.

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