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try = 5 points

Conversion (converted try) 2 points

drop goal = 3 points

penalty goal = 3 points

Pentalty try = 5 points

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Q: How are points scored on a rugby union team?
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Which rugby team scored 162 points?

new zealand vs japan

Who has scored the most test rugby points for the Irish rugby team?

Ronan O'Gara has the most points for Ireland. He has scored over 900 points which is the sixth highest in international rugby. He also is the highest points scorer in the history of the Six Nations.

How many people in a Rugby Union team?

There are fifteen players on the Rugby Union team.

Does London Irish rugby team play rugby league or rugby union?

rugby union

Do Wallabies rugby team play union or league?

The Wallabies are the Australian Rugby Union team. The Australian Rugby League team is called the Kangaroos.

What is a try in rugby?

in rugby a try is the equivalent to a touchdown in American football. you do however, have to literraly touch the ball to the ground on the goal line or in the "in goal" area to be awarded a try. However, in both rugby league and in rugby union, if the referee believes that a try has been prevented by the defending team's misconduct, they may award the attacking team a penalty try. Penalty tries are always awarded under the posts regardless of where the offence took place. In rugby union, the standard applied by the referee is that a try "probably" would have been scored. The referee does not have to be certain a try would have been scored. In rugby league, the referee "may award a penalty try if, in his opinion, a try would have been scored but for the unfair play of the defending team 1 try=5 points in the Union code and 4 points in the league code.

What is the name of the Irish rugby team?

The Ireland National Rugby Union Team.

When was Scotland national rugby union team created?

Scotland national rugby union team was created in 1871.

When was England national rugby union team created?

England national rugby union team was created in 1871.

John scored 23 more points than the rest of his team his team scored 99 points how many points did john score?

John scored 61 points.

What is the English national team name for rugby union?

It's the Rugby Football Union.

What rugby union team is the dirtiest in the world?

The dertiest rugby union in the world is the French

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