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Q: What sport do most people watch in the Olympics?
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Related questions

What was the most popular sport in ancient Olympics?

most people reckon that swimming is the best sport in the Olympics

What is the most exciting sport?

the most exiting sport is football because most people watch it

What sport do people prefer to watch?

Soccer is the most watched sport hockey is the second most watched sport

What is the most common sport in the olympic games?

It depends on what you define the most common sport in the Olympics as, football is probably the most played sport that is included in the Olympics

Which sports do kids watch most?

Generally football, as its the only sport that is always on TV. If there is anything exiting on like Golf Open or Olympics kids will watch that.

What is the sport most people watch on thanksgiving?

football. the teams that people like to watch are the Lions and Packers

What is the most watched sport in the Olympics?

The number one most watched summer Olympics sport is soccer. The second most watched sport is men's and women's swimming.

What is the most famous sport?

In the United States, most people watch Football. And Basketball is the second most popular sport. Then it is Baseball.

What is the most popular sport in the Olympics that people cheat in?

Hurtles because sally Pearson did

How many people watch the summer Olympics?

Billions. It's the most watch sporting event in earth.

What is the main sport in Romania?

The main sport in Romania is gymnastics. It isn't as popular there anymore though. It is important to distinguish between the sport that is most popular and the sport at which a nation has done well in the Olympics. For sure, Romania has done well at the Olympics in Gymnastics but that does not mean it is the most popular sport. Generally the most popular sport in any European country is Football (Soccer) because it is the sport played by most people who participate in sport.

What is the most successful sports in the Olympics?

The most successful sport in the Olympics is hockey.

How many people watch sport on TV in Australia?

60 percent of the people, in Australia, watch sports on television. The most popular sport watch is soccer. World Cup soccer has the highest ratings of any sports.

Why is women's softball not in the next Olympics?

Most people think it is not worthy to be an olympic sport and there are many people that are working on bringing it back

Why most of the people likes to play and watch basketball?

most people like to pplay and watch basketball because its a very exciting sport.....i myself oplay basketball and watch........i hope i answered ur question

The Olympics Games are the most important event in sports?

it is 1 of the most important lots of people watch it it is one of the most popular

Most popular sport in the Olympics?


Which is the most popular sport event?


What is the most popular sport in the Olympics?


Why is swimming the popular sport in Olympics?

Probably the most covered sport after Track and Field.

What sport have you been the most successful at in the Olympics?


What sport is the most popular in the winter Olympics?


What was the most favourite sport in the greek Olympics?


What do people watch the most the world cup or the Olympics?

The world cup is far more popular and so watched by more people.

What is the most watched sport in the U.S.?

American football and the biggest event is superbowl who billions of people watch