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Well, I would suggest soccer or swimming because you need to use your legs for that but all in all I would say soccer because it has a lot of running and kicking. :)

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Q: What sport can i play to shape up my legs?
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How do you Get in shape for baseball?

play cetch but after your warmed up throw hard so your arm won't get worn down as easy- if you mean in shape same as any other sport, exercise.

Should high school students play sports?

students should play highschool sport because it keep one in shape and keeps the grades up and u get the ladies

Why one feels like streching the legs?

Because either you have cramps, sore legs or to warm up/down for sport.

Is exercise sport?

no it is a vital warm up/down before and after you play sport

What is the sport which uses up the most stamina?

Swimming is the sport which uses up most stamina because you use your head, arms, shoulders, legs, and feet by Aran

Why do you need to be in shape to play professional basketball?

Basketball is a physical sport and involves running up and down the court multiple time. As well as, other physical activities.

In which sport do players knock up before play?


Can you play sport with a migraine headache?

Yes, You can play with a migrain headache, but it will be very painfull. When you have a migrain you have: * A huge headache. * It makes you throw up. If you think you can put up with that then, your awners is yes, you can play sport with a migrain.

What is thesis statement mad up of?

A thesis statement is made up of the answer to your essay question. It is also a way to express what you belive in, or what side of the arguement you are taking. For example: "Is soccer a fun sport to play in winter?" "Soccer is a fun sport to play in winter." OR "Soccer is not a fun sport to play in winter."

How can an athlete overcome measles and play sport successfully?

They can man up and just suck it up

What is Zendaya favorite sport to play?

If you're talking about the girl from Disney Channel Shake it Up, then her favorite thing to play is to dance. She LOVES to dance... i doubt that she can't play a sport though.....

How do you say my friend loves to play sport in Spanish?

i take it up the bum

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