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Q: In which sport do players knock up before play?
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What levels of play is there in bowling?

Bowling can be an individual or team sport. In teams the players attempt to knock down more pins than the other team. Levels of playing are anywhere from amateur to professional.

What sport do soccer players play?

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

Who do guys prefer to date volleyball players or soccer players?

Both! There really is no preference based on the sport you play. It all depends on the girls being compared not the sport.

What sport did esposito play?

Phil and Tony Esposito were hockey players. They were stars in the NHL.

How many players can play in snooker?

[Snooker is a one-to-one game.] Snooker players in a game, players who play snooker in a certain country or around the world? Snooker is generally a game for two individuals, although pairs matches are not uncommon, particular in league or other competitions. As for the number of players who play the game, it is an unknown quantity: probably 1000-1500 who play in NGB tournaments of the various UK associations, and probably several tens of thousands including all the casual players around the UK.

Is exercise sport?

no it is a vital warm up/down before and after you play sport

What players do before they start playing?

the players warm up before they start play

What sport needs six players to play?

Hockey has 6 players on the ice at a time. Including the goalie. I can't think of any sport that would only have six. But hockey has six at a time.

What was the Australian institute of sport created for?

To help and improve the skills of our best athlets and sports players in the country to help them progress in the sport they play in

Do soccer players have to be catholic?

No, soccer is a sport, not a faith. You don't have to belong to any faith to play.

What is a ballgirl?

A ballgirl is a female who is responsible for getting balls of the field of play in a sport and then passing it to the players.

What is the name of the ball Fred and George play catch with in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

Fred and George don't play catch. The sport played in Harry Potter is Qudditch. There are chasers on the team who play with quaffles but Fred and George are beaters who try and knock players from their brooms.They play catch in Umbridges classroom, and she catches it. What is the name of the ball? and I know they play Quiddich.It is qualabda.