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yes, all shafts fit with all heads except for ones like the katana that are bent or the crankshafts

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no, only a select few stx heads fit on a crankshaft

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G22, K18, Kannon and X3 heads

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Q: What specific heads fit on the stx crankshaft?
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Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a STX crank shaft 7075?

No. The Crankshaft 7075 only works with specific heads, and a Bionic won't fit right.

Will the STX arrow fit on the Crankshaft 2 degree?

Yes the STX Arrow will fit on the 2 degree Crankshaft

Does the gait icon 2.0 fit on an stx 10 degree crankshaft?

No it will not. the T.O.S. technology of the gait heads and shafts is 2 degrees which doesnt match with the stx 10 degree

Can any lacrosse head fit on a stx scti shaft?

Any head will fit on any shaft. But if you but a head on a shaft that is a different brand than the shaft, you may need to drill a new hole into the shaft. The only exceptions are the STX Crankshaft shafts which need certain heads.

If you have a crankshaft shaft do you have to have a certain head?

im not sure but what type of heads do you like, stx, brine, or warrior?

What is lacrosse heads fit on the stx crank shaft 7075?

there are some gait ones that fit

Does the stx proton power fit on the stx crankshaft 10 7075?

No. Buut the k18 does and is very closely related to the proton power. Hope this helped!

Does warrior 10diamond mesh fit on the stx goalie heads?

No. It doesnt stretch far enough.

Can a brines head fit into a stx shaft?

Usually yes but some heads may not be able to fit.

Which lacrosse heads fit on a cranckshaft?

the stx G22 10 degree, K18 10 degree, Kannon 10 degree and the X3 10 degree heads

Will a stx proton power head fit on a stx Sabre Stick?

yes, both stx

Can you put a deuce head on a stx 10 degree crankshaft shaft?