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Any head will fit on any shaft. But if you but a head on a shaft that is a different brand than the shaft, you may need to drill a new hole into the shaft. The only exceptions are the STX Crankshaft shafts which need certain heads.

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Q: Can any lacrosse head fit on a stx scti shaft?
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Can you put a brine lacrosse shaft on a warrior head?

It shouldn't matter. Any head should fit on any shaft

Do all STX lacrosse heads fit into all STX lacrosse shafts?

Yes. In fact, any head can go on any shaft.

Do you need a Crank Shaft Head to put on a Crank Shaft in Lacrosse?

I would recommend that you do put a crank shaft head on a crank shaft. Putting any other type of head on a crank shaft could possibly break the head.

What lacrosse heads can fit on the Brine Swizzle?

any type of head except for a crank shaft head because it is bent. But any kind of head should fit.

What lacrosse shafts does the answer pro fit on?

any head will fit on any shaft. It just might take a little elbow grease

Do stx lacrosse heads fit on maverick shafts?

Any head can be put on any shaft. All you have to do is put the bottom of the head in warm not boiling water, just warm tap water for a few minutes and it should slide rite on to your maverick shaft if it doesn't already.

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch 2x fit on?

the brine clutch head will fit on any brine lacrosse shafts. I have the Clutch on my brine swizzebeat. i recommended this shaft its is light gripy and cheap. it is only 80 dollars

Why wont my Evo 3 lacrosse head fit any shafts What do I do?

it will fit on shafts make sure the shaft is mens and it's a little harder to put on a crank shaft. if this is a real problem take it to the nearest lacrosse store and ask them why and if i burned out of shape go to where you bought it and see if you have a warranty (most heads do)

Can you put a brine head on an easton shaft?

I'm pretty sure any boys head will fit on any boys shaft and any girls head will fit on any girls shaft

Can a warrior lacrosse heads only fit on warrior shafts?

a warrior head can fit on any shaft it might be a bit loose though and you might have to drill a new hole.

What is better warrior mojo or stx bionic?

tough choice but i personally like the mojo better than the bionic, but a good lacrosse player can play with any head or shaft

How is a modern lacrosse stick made?

The actual shaft is made of titanium or aluminum or any other type of light weight metal The head is made of light weight plastic

What is a good shaft and head combo in lacrosse I am thinking dolomite or dolomite diamond and helix or superpower or harrow crossbow If you have heard about any of this please help Are these good?

It's a great stick, i had one and it's worth the money! Hope the lacrosse season goes well!

Can a Warrior lacrosse head fit on any other Shaft?

I don't think so because say for instance the stx steel 7000 has a skinnier body than what warrior usually makes. :)

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch fit on?


Where can you get a colored lacrosse head?

You can get them at any lacrosse website online. Also if you have a lacrosse store nearby. Try,, And there are many more. These are my favorite though.

What is tail shaft?

Tail Shaft is the section after the propeller shaft of a shift. Any shaft is always placed farthest from the head, where the power is applied.

Can your lacrosse head be any color in high school?

Yes, it can be any color, its just the dimensions of the head that were recently changed, so make sure that your head is legal in that regard.

Can you put other heads on a gait ice shaft than only gait heads?

Yes, you can use any head besides the STX duel head. If the head you use is too big for the shaft, put tape on the shaft until the head fits snug. If it is too big for the head, head the throat of the head with a blow dryer and slide the head on.

What gear do you wear in lacrosse?

In Lacrosse you use a stick, consisting of two parts, the head and the shaft. You also wear protective equipment such as a Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Gloves, and sometimes rib pads. Rib Pads are not required. In mens there is generally the shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, the cup, the helmet, and the stick which is either the short stick or the defensive pole. In womens the equipment is basically a stick the length of a mens short stick, optional gloves, and goggles. Both have to wear mouthguards because no one wants to lose teeth. Both have goalies that wear chest pads and helmets with thigh pads. The shin guards are preferred but are mainly up to the goalie or the coach as well as any other pads. I'm not sure about mens lacrosse but for womens all you need is an approved stick, mouthguard, and eye protection goggles. Men use helmets, gloves, elbow/arm guards/protectors, chest pads, a stick (made up of the shaft and head), a cup, and optionaly rib guards (very useful for midis and attack because you get slap and poke checked a lot). Men's and women's lacrosse require different equipment, since the rules for the sport are different. Men's lacrosse equipment: Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoe An athletic supporter and athletic cup Chest and shoulder pads Arm guards Helmet with full face mask Lacrosse stick with head Lacrosse ball Mouthguard Women's lacrosse equipment: Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoe Lacrosse goggles Lacrosse stick with head Lacrosse ball Mouthguard

What is the best lacrosse stick ever?

maverick wonderboy shaft with any of the following heads: clutch, super power/proton power, or reebok 9k

Can a Reebok 10K head head go on any shaft?

no, one example that it can't fit on is the crankshaft

Can the brine rocket head fit on a maverik wonderboy lacrosse shaft?

any mens head can fit on any mens shaft. i put warrior, brine and gait heads on STX and harrow shafts all the time. the only thing that is different between different brands is where the screw hole is located but alot of people just tape their heads on their shafts anyway. i however are one of those people who like to screw their heads on their shafts but i have found that i can drill a new hole myself by using a 1/8 drill bit. it makes the perfect sized hole for the screw. please add me to your saved sellers on ebay, ihave awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

Why do women's lacrosse players not wear a helmet?

womens lacrosse players dont wear a helmet cause they dont have to. In womens lacrosse, you cant do any body checks and you can only check the stick if its away from their head... so theres no need.

What heads fit on a warrior shaft?

Any head will fit on a warrior lax head because all shafts are the same.