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Ole Miss

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Q: What southeastren football team was ranked in the top 5 before losing to South Carolina?
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Who has the longest current North Carolina losing streak in high school football?

(37) Green Hope Falcons in Cary, NC

Who did Michigan beat in the 1993 basketball playoffs?

They beat Coastal Carolina, UCLA, George Washington, Temple, and Kentucky before losing to North Carolina in the controversial final with Chris Weber

Who has the longest current losing streak in North Carolina high school football?

West Harnett High School has at least a 25 game losing streak. McDowell High School has lost 30 games into the 2011-2012 season. But this season I believe that losing streak will end.

Has Oklahoma state ever played usc in football?

Well, since USC might mean the University of Southern California or the University of South Carolina ... Oklahoma State has never played the University of Southern California in football and has played the University of South Carolina twice, losing in the 1979 regular season and winning the 1984 Gator Bowl.

What college has the longest football losing streak?

Columbia lions

What losing seasons have the Florida Gator football team had?


Who has the longest losing streat in NCAA football?

Lock Haven

What was marshall university football last losing season before 2004?

1983 when they went 4-7 in Sonny Randle's last season as head coach.

What NCAA football team scored the most points losing?


How math is use in football?

Gaining and losing yards is addition and subtraction.

Who has the longest high school football losing streak in Pennsylvania?


Has any professional football team been relegated in the English football leagues without losing a game.?

Yes Everton won the title without losing! that wasnt the question....dumb scousers

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