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a trampoline

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Q: What sort of equipment is used for Trampoline Gymnastics in the Olympics?
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How do you get a trampoline on the Sims 3?

yes, with the sims 3 Ambitions you can have a trampoline :D edit : its in sort by function > kids > misc

What sort of clothing is worn when doing gymnastics?

Gymnasts generally wear a short sleeved leotard and shorts to gymnastics practice.

What equipment did Romans use?

It is difficult to give this question a specific answer because the Romans used all sort of different equipment for all sort of different jobs.

Why did the Greeks used to used to have Olympics?

The Greeks had the Olympics because they wanted some sort of entertainment competition with sport!!

What games did ancient Greece have for the Olympics?

Wrestling! Races, sort of disk throwing.

What do you do if someone sold you a trampoline on eBay and all you got was a CD?

Depends on whether you paid for the TRAMPOLINE which is usually more then 100 dollars, or the disk that's like usually 10-20 dollars. If not report the person to Ebay and get your money back, its illegal to do that sort of stuff.

What sort of equipment did Romans have in their kitchen?

a knife fork and spoon

Is gymnastics the same as dancing?

No, but sort of similar. gymnastics is more based around flips, tumbling, cartwheels ext. If you watch competitions though they do add a bit off dance in. It is sort of acrobatics dance, but there is more tricks and less dance. it also requires you to be much more flexible then dance, although generally dancers are quite flexible.

Where did trampolining start?

Trampolining started off as circus acrobats doing tricks on the safety net under the trapeze - the safety net acting as a sort of trampoline.

What equipment do you need to raise for shorthorn cattle?

The same sort of equipment you would use for raising Angus or Hereford cattle.

What was the first equipment used in basketball?

The first equipment used in basketball was a ball. This when combined with some sort of net brought about basketball.

Are there any free running gyms in Oxford?

i think Cherwell School has some sort of gymnastics gym. same kind of thing?

What sort of equipment and transport does Ann Bancroft use in her expeditions?


What sort of equipment might be useful to an ancheologist?

A toothbrush and dustpan and brush

Does snow crack a trampoline?

the mat will slowly fade away and it will last a sort amount of time but if you put it away during the snow then it will last longer time period

What sort of commercial lawn equipment can be bought?

Commercial lawn equipment is high performance equipment used to grow, manicure, and maintain grass lawns. Commercial lawn equipment that is available includes, seeders, mowers and aerators.

What is the difference between hand-tools and equipment?

The difference is usually that hand-tools usually refers to manual tools. Things such as hammers, wrenches, rachets, that sort of thing. Equipment is usally referring to anything that is powered by either electricity or by a motor off some sort.

How fast you have run 800m if you want to be on Olympics?

Well most athletes (male) do it in around 1.40 - 1.55 so if you want to be in the Olympics you should be aiming around those sort of times

Is it a bad idea to buy fitness equipment from a tv ad?

Fitness equipment that appear on TV are sometimes good depending on the brand and what sort of workout you are looking for.

What type of equipment does the store American DJ sell?

The store American DJ sells various entertainment equipment for parties and clubs alike, along with more heavy duty equipment for concerts and events of the sort.

What is northern equipment for?

There are several companies that go by the name "Northern Equipment." Fortunately, it looks like all of them provide the sort of equipment that is used on large projects (generators, power washers, power tools, etc.)

What events are currently taking place in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Probebly the usual, skiing, speedskating, bobsleding, and the sort.

Are UV sanitizing wands approved by OSHA?

OSHA does not approve equipment or tools of any sort.

How do I start a business based off leasing equipment?

The first you things you need to sort out are your finances and your location. If you don't have a good financial history it will be difficult to lease large equipment.

What is China 5 most popular sports?

Table Tenis, Track and Field (Beacuse of Liu Xiang), Basketball, Gymnastics, and Perhaps some sort of fighting sport.