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Wrestling! Races, sort of disk throwing.

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Q: What games did ancient Greece have for the Olympics?
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What were the games in ancient Greece Olympics?


Were the Olympics the only games in ancient Greece?


What is the site of the ancient Olympics Games?

Olympia in Greece

Who started the Olympics games?

it is the ancient Greece of olymipa

When and where the first ancient Olympics games held?

The ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece.

What games took place at ancient Greece Olympics?


What was the Olympics called in ancient Greece?

They were called the olympic games!

Were the Olympics the only games held in ancient Greece?


What was in ancient Greece?

The Olympics were invented in Ancient Greece

What were the games played in the women's Olympics of ancient Greece?

There weren't any

How many deaths occurred in the ancient Olympics games at Greece?


Did ancient Rome hold the Olympics?

No. Ancient Greece was the home of the Olympics. Rome did finally host the Olympic Games in 1960.

When and where the first Olympics games held?

The ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece.

What country did the first Olympics take place?

The Ancient Olympics began in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. The Modern Olympics began in Athens, Greece in 1896.athens,greeceThe Olympic Games were started in Ancient Greece.

What are the ancient Olympics games?

They were competitions held between states within ancient Greece similar to today's Olympic Games. Click on the 'Ancient Olympics' below to learn more about them.

What was the first olympic games in Ancient Greece?

The first ancient Olympics were held in Athens Greece and it was held every four years.

When and where were the ancient Olympics games first held?

The ancient Olympics began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and they continued until 393 AD. These so-called games were held in various places in ancient Greece. In the modern era, the first Olympic Games were held at Athens, Greece in 1896.

Why is Greece the first to enter in the Olympic games opening ceremony?

Because Greece is where the ancient Olympics were held,

Which country walks in first at the olympic games?

Greece, in deference to the significance of Ancient Greece in the development of the Olympics

Why did ancient Greece hold the Olympics games?

to find the next champion or ruler

Why are the Olympic games called the Olympics?

They were started in Ancient Greece on Mount Olympus

In what year was the first ancient Olympics games held in Greece?

776 BC

What were the different type of Olympics in Greece?

There is th Modern and ancient olympic games.

Why is Greece first in the Olympics?

Greece is first in the Olympics because Greece is where the Olympics started in ancient times.

When do the Olympics games start first?

The Olympic games started in 776 BC in Ancient Greece.