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Q: What song is played during shootouts at Florida Panthers games?
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Did Chris Weinke play for the Florida Gators?

Chris Weinke played for both the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers, but never played for the Florida Gators.

What song is played during shootouts at Detroit Red Wings games?

either sirius by Alan parsons project or holding out for a hero by bonnie tyler. =]

How long has Nathan Horton played for the Boston bruins?

The Florida Panthers traded Horton to the Bruins on June 22, 2010.

Where has Roberto Loungo played in his career?

Florida panthers and the Vancouver canucks and the New York islanders islanders being the first Florida the second and vancover is were he plays now

What was the roll that Florida played during world war 2?

they attacked

When did Carolina Panthers join nfl?

The Panthers were created in 1993 but played their first season in 1995

What year did the Panthers enter the NFL?

The Panthers were created in 1993 but played their first season in 1995The Carolina Panthers came into the NFL in 1995

What is a SO in hockey?

An SO is a Shootout. Games go to shootouts if after three full periods and an overtime is played and the game is still a tie

What quarterback played for the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Redskins?

Rodney Peete was with the Redskins in 1999 and the Panthers from 2001-2003.

Did any one from the panthers go to the hall of fame?

Reggie White, who played for the Panthers at the end of his career, is in the Hall Of Fame.

What team did Jackie Robinson play for after the black panthers?

After Jackie played on the Black Panthers he played on a team called Montreal. Then Jackie Robinson was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dogers

How many times have the Carolina Panthers played the Philadelphia Eagles?

They have played a total of 6 games so far and Carolina Panthers are 1-5 vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

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