What is Nike's lightest soccer cleat?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The Gs soccer clear.

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Q: What is Nike's lightest soccer cleat?
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What is the lightest football cleat in the world?

the lightest football cleat is nike vapor jett

What is the fastest cleat in the world?

the worlds fastest (lightest) cleat is the F50s by adidas

What are Nikes lightest running shoes?

Luna Racers

How much soccer cleats weigh?

depends on the cleat what cleat do you have

Are there minerals in soccer cleat?


What are parts of a soccer cleat?

they are shoes

When are soccer cleat prices cheapest?

Probably when soccer ends or after it starts.

What is the lightest ball?

Select soccer balls are the lightest

Why no toe cleat on the soccer cleat?

"the reason is because that no one steps on there toes" - previous answer lol, not quite! In soccer, the toe cleat prevents you from kicking the ball properly. It drags on the ground and messes up your control.

What is the difference in baseball cleats and soccer cleats?

in soccer you are not allowed to have a toe cleat. therefore, soccer cleats have no toe cleat and baseball cleats do. there are also more subtle differences but that's the major one.

What is the lightest cleat in football?

The addidas scorch low cut with plastic cleats my son-who wears an adult size 10-is a wide receiver and a lacrosse middie-has worn these for a couple years. absolutely loves them. weigh 9 ounces-the lightest weight football/lacrosse cleat on the market. there are lighter ones for soccer, but with little foot support. the scorch competion has plenty of support. Adidas is coming out with a new cleat later this month-5.8 ounces-no idea about the foot support. it's called the Adidas F50 adizero.

What is the best soccer cleat for youth?

in my opinion the best cleat for youth is anything in the nike total 90 catorgory