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Defiantly hand-eye coordination, passion for the sport, and a great attitude! :D

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Q: What skills does a person need to play field hockey?
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Do you need gum shield to play field hockey?

do you need a gum shiled for hockey!

What knowledge and skills does the employee possess?

An employee should have knowledge and skills in the field in which they are working. If the person is working with the public they will need to have speaking skills.

In field hockey how long to you need to train each day or week?

About 5 hours each of fitness and skills training, if possible, depending on the level of your team.

In field hockey what position needs strong stick skills?

I think every player needs stick skills. Usually the left side field players need strong stick skills because they use reverse stick more. *This is not fact! But in my six years playing, this is my opinion*

What skills does a field hockey goalkeeper need?

Good coordination, balance, reflexes and reaction speed, commitment, decent anaerobic fitness and a fair amount of bravery or craziness.

What professionalism skills do you need in the medical field?


What do you need to be in hockey?

Helmet,Gloves,Shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin gaurds, skates, stick, puck, jersey, and hockey socks For field hockey you only need shinguards, mouthguard, a stick and a uniform, unless you want to be a goalie.

What equipment is needed to play floor hockey?

To play floor hockey, one would need a lightweight plastic ball, or a heavier ball. Sometimes a normal hockey stick, field hockey or bandy sticks are required.

What skills are required to perform ice hockey?

Well first of all you need to know how to ice-skate!

What Skills are necessary to be successful in a medical field?

the skills you need to be successful in the medical field are that you have to always be on top of your game because something you do wrong can cause alot of provlems.

What skills do you need to be a Botanist?

The skills you need to be a botanist are communication skills, love for plants, patience, accuracy, problem solving skills, research skills and attention to detail. Advanced schooling is also required for a degree or PhD in botany or related field.

What talents do you need to become a neurosurgeon?

Nothing really. You need skills and to be knowledgeable in that field and also a license to practice it.

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