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Q: What size pool filter for a 33000 gal pool?
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What size pump for a 5000 gal pool?

i also use a 5000 gallon pool above ground and i use a 1 1/2hp pump. with a sand filter.

What size pool pump do you need for an 18000 gal pool?

3 quarter horse

How long does it take to filter a 32000 gal pool?

Depends on the size of your pump and the restrictions that are in the system, but usually 8 hours should be adequate if you have a 1.5HP or larger pump and a decent sized filter. If you notice that the pool is loosing it's sparkle you can always increase the time. Pool Masters

What size filter is needed for a 230 gal aquarium?

Usually the filters you can buy will specify what size (in gallons) the filter is meant for.

What size pump needed for 4600 gal of water in pool?

1 HP is fine.

Gallons of water in an olympic pool?

The length has to be 50m and the width has to be 25m to be an Olympic size swimming pool. An Olympic size swimming pool also has to be at least 2m deep. So a minimum volume of 2500m³, which equates to 2,500,000 L (550,000 imp gal; 660,000 US gal).

Is a swimming pool 80000 ml or 80000 l?

Depends on size of pool but in a Olympic swimming pool 2,500 m3 (88,000 cu ft) or 2,500,000 L (550,000 imp gal; 660,000 US gal) minimum, depending on depth

I have a 33 foot pool with 28000 gal. of water. Does the pool pump have to run all the time?

No. Leave your filter running at least 8 hours per day, longer if your pool appears cloudy.

Will heat pump work in richland wa. and what size for 20000 gal in ground pool?

You would probablly be better off with a boiler

What are the most popular swimming pool sizes?

3000 gal tank pool

How much salt to start a 4000 gal pool?

About 100 pounds of pool salt

How many gal of water in 18ftx52ft above ground pool?

how long will it take to fill a 3998 gal above ground pool, with a standard water hose

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