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No. Leave your filter running at least 8 hours per day, longer if your pool appears cloudy.

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Q: I have a 33 foot pool with 28000 gal. of water. Does the pool pump have to run all the time?
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What size of pool pump do you need for a thirty foot round pool?

More info. How many gallons water? What is the size of the filter? Any other factors that you can include? Ken

What is the name of pump that you can pump water out of a pool or ditch?

A Bilge Pump is what it is referred to on ships when you pump water over board. Trash pump.

How do you hook up saltwater pump to an intex pool?

how do you hook up the cleaner to salt water pool pump

Will it damage the pool pump or filter to let the water level drop?

So long as there is water coming through the pump when it is running it doesnt matter what the water level in the pool is.

How do i keep my in ground swimming pool from holding water?

Pump the water out or put a cover over the pool.

How can you return water out of your pump into the pool?

There are just a few easy actions you need to take to get the water from your pump back into the pool. Before anything else, check that the pump is wired in and primed. Make sure there is nothing clogging up the pump basket. Find the pool's water return inlet and proceed to the next step. This is a fixture that is typically installed on the pool's wall. Pool hose of an appropriate length should be attached to the pump's discharge port. The pool's return inlet should be connected to the hose's opposite end. When you're ready, activate the pump. After a while, water should start trickling through the hose and into the pool. Check for leaks in the plumbing and make sure the water is flowing freely. If the water flow rate is too slow or too fast, you can adjust the pump's settings. Proper water circulation and filtration rely on routine pump and pool equipment maintenance.

Is it normal for the pool pump to fill up with water while the pool is still filling up?

Certainly, if the pump is running. The primary pump intake is the main drain at the deepest part of the pool.

How is an above ground pool pump different from an in ground pool pump?

In simplest terms, an above ground pool pump is a flooded suction pump, which means the water level must be higher than the pump for it to operate, and an inground pump has the ability to draw water up from a level lower than the pump. The engineering and structure of these two different types of pumps is what makes them work the way they do. This means that, in a typical installation, you could use an inground-specific pump on an above ground pool, but not an above ground pump on an inground pool with the water level below the pump.

What will keep pool pump from sucking water from pool?

The pool pump does suck the water from the pool. Then it goes thru the filter and (if you use have the following) thru the heater and chlorinator then back into the pool. So - nothing will keep it from sucking water from the pool - but that's a good thing. Now - if you set the valve to a different setting - then it might actually send the water to a waste line - maybe that's what you meant. If that's the case -then the pool pump will eventually drain your whole pool if you have it set to get the water from the bottom drain (another valve).

Does the water level in the pool have to be above the skimmer to run the pump?

yes in order for the pump to work the water has to be over it

Why does swimming pool pump out vacuumed water?

Because the pump is set to "vacuum to waste".

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