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Q: What size or type of trucks should you get for an 8mm bearing for a skateboard?
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I have a Skateboard deck what is size 7.625 and there are no skateboard trucks which are size 7.625 so what size trucks should I buy?

Actually There are definitely trucks 7.65. Get those they are the closest.

What size trucks do you use for a 7.5 skateboard?

they should be listed as either 4.75 inch trucks or 7.5 inch trucks

I have a skateboard which is size 7.625 and there are no skateboard trucks which are size 7.625 so what size skateboard trucks should I buy?

Buy 7.5 that will only be a 1/8 of an inch smaller which would mean 1/16 of an inch on either side which would not be noticable at all. I hope that this helps

How does the size differ of a youth skateboard to a regular skateboard?

the size of the deck is smaller in length and width and the trucks are smaller in width

Can you put any size wheels on your normal size trucks for your skateboard?

yes you can

Does it matter what size truck there is on a skateboard?

No unless you want bigger trucks

What size trucks will fit a eight inch skateboard?


What size trucks for a 7.88 skateboard?

7.63 - 8.13 its best to to have .25 over or under your deck size

Is 7.63 size skateboard trucks good for a 7.5 deck?

yea bro do it

How can you find the size of a skateboard truck?

for a deck size 7.5 get 4.75 to size 5.0 trucks but not over a deck 7.75 get trucks size 7.5 for a deck 8.0 inches or more get independent 139mm or bigger

What size skateboard should you buy?

it depends on what size your feet are

What size skateboard should you get if you wear a size 9 shoe?


What size skateboard should you use if your shoe size is 8?

a size 7.6/ 7.75

Im a size 6 us what skateboard size should i get?

7.75 by 31

What skateboard size should i get my foot size is 10 US and i weigh 130 pounds?

You should get a 7.75x3.15

How big should a skateboard be?

depends on your size it varies

Does 2 different size trucks on a longboard affect riding?

You should always have the same size trucks

What size wheels fit in average real skateboard trucks?

around 51mm-55mm, personally i would go for the 53's because that is in the middle

How do you know what size bearings to get for your skateboard?

When you take the old bearings out they should have a number on them, write that number down and take it to a skate shop, or store that sells bearings. or just take your trucks or the whole board to a skate shop they will help you out.

Are skateboard and longboard bearings the same size?

Yes, most bearings are the industrial standard of 8mm unless you have special longboard trucks, most notably Bear 1052's or 1045's or Bear Smokeys, these trucks run 10mm but are not very common. If you can take wheels off with the same wrench on both trucks, then they have the same size bearings.

Size 13 shoe what size skateboard should you use?

If you street skate then you should get a 7.75 but if you are more of a vert person you should at least get a 8.

What is the smallest skateboard size?

The smallest skateboard size is about 7 inches in width by about 24 inches in length. The skateboard is legal size for contests and events.

How big should your skateboard deck be if you wear a size 9 in shoes?


How do you know what your skateboard wheels size?

it may say it in small writting near the bearing at the middle of the wheel

Should someone who wears size 8 shoes buy an 7.5 skateboard?