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The size of the glove depends on what position she plays. This buyers guide should help:

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Q: What size of softball glove for your twelve year old?
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Best softball glove size for 12 year old girl?

a 12 or 13 inch

What is the name of the award given to the best defensive player at each position every year in softball?

gold glove gold glove

What size softball glove for a4 year old?

I would go with a 9 inch or 10 inch glove. Wilson makes a good one:Wilson 9in Tee-Ball Glove got this glove as a present for my friends 4 year old son. It's the perfect size for little hands, but still high quality. Not like the plastic/vinyl gloves you get from the Walmart toy section.

What size baseball glove should a 6 year old use?

a small size

What is the average breast size for twelve year old girl?

The average bra size for a twelve yoear old is a A or B 32

What size baseball glove should you get an 12 year old boy?

Depends on his size and position.

How many times did Roberto clememte win the gold glove?

Twelve times -- every year from 1961 to 1972.

What size soccer ball is needed for a twelve year old?

size 5

What size football should a twelve year old use?

Regular size

What size softball for asa 12 year olds?

12" balls i believe

What is the size for underwear for a eleven year old boy?

One size up from a ten year old boy. Or it can be one size down from a twelve year old.

What size of jeans should a twelve year old wear?

size 12 or 14

Where is glove compartment in Pontiac fiero?

Depending on the year there is no glove box other then the front and side pockets the closest there is to a glove box is the back trunk which is also smaller in size

What size ball for 8 year old softball?

we use an 11 inch ball

How fast does the average twelve year old pitch?

They can usaly pitch about 50-60mph cause i am in softball and I am 12 and I pitch about 60-70mph

What size baseball glove should you buy your 7 year old?

It depends on the size of your child. Most 7 yr olds are going to wear an 11"-11 1/2" glove. Make sure that you get a glove that is easy for them to squeeze when it is on their hand.

What size mitt should an 11 year girl use for fast pitch softball?

Whatever size mitt fits your hand.

What size baseball glove should you buy your 9 year old?

Youth baseball gloves come in different inch sizes. An 8-year-old, for example, can probably use either a 10-inch glove or an 11-inch glove, depending on their size and preference. Due to such variation, it's important to try them on in the store.

Is size 30b small for a twelve year old?

for your age its average im that size and im eleven turning twelve soon but dont worry if your this size now you will be surprised in the next year or so just enjoy your young life so dont worry

what size of baseball glove should and eleven year old have?

One that fits his/her hand.

What size bra should a twelve year old have?

Whatever your cup size is most Likely an a cup

What size cricket bat does a twelve year old need?

i would say size 6 or 7

What size does a 8 year old use to play fast pitch softball?

What size of what? They use an 11 inch ball if that what you're asking.

What is the average shoe size for a twelve year old female?

size 8-9Answer4 AnswerI'm a size twelve in women's,and yes,I'm twelve.

What is the typical softball size for a 12 year old girl?

12 inch circumference 12 inch circumference