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Q: What size baseball glove should a 6 foot man wear?
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What size glove should miner baseball wear?

11 inch on your hand size 11 1/2 for the most depends on hands size for The most time

What size baseball glove does paul konerko wear?


how to size a youth baseball glove?

get one youths hand

What size baseball glove is right for a high school pitcher?

11 3/4-12 depending on size of hand. However for a pitcher it should be at least 11.5. Most prefer 12. Make sure glove does not have I or H posts, traps or closed webbing for pitching.

what size glove for 6 year old?

A small size glove

What size catchers glove does a 11 year old need?

Check here:

What size glove does Robinson can use?

Robinson Cano uses a size 11.50 glove.

What skateboard size should i get my foot size is 10 US and i weigh 130 pounds?

You should get a 7.75x3.15

What size baseball glove do you get for a 12 year old?

This depends on the position he plays. If he is a middle infielder (Shortstop or Second Base), you would want to get him a smaller glove to improve transfer of the ball from the glove to his throwing hand - about 9-10 in. If he plays outfield, the his glove should be much bigger to improve catching ability. This is about 11-12 inches. For a first baseman, buy a first baseman's glove (it will say on the tag) that is about 12 inches or longer. Third baseman's gloves should be about 11 inches. A catchers mitt is basically any catcher's mit you can hold up. Pitcher's should be around 10-11 inches with a thick web (pocket). If your player has never played before, he will probably be playing second base or outfield, and for him a large glove is recommended. For the average 13-year-old, a 9-12 inch glove is proper.

What size foot should a 5 foot nine person have?

Take into account that I'm only guessing, maybe size 9 or 10.

Rawlings pro 8 glove what size is the glove?

Rawlings Pro 8 is a 12" glove!

What size baseball gloves do highschoolers use?

It all depends on the kind of glove. First base gloves are much bigger than a fielder's glove. Most fielders use a 12" or 13".