What should javelin throwers eat?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What should javelin throwers eat?
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Who are the top 3 Australian javelin throwers?

kashorn walcot , oleksandr pyatnytsya and antti ruuskanen are the worlds top javelin throwers

Where can you find a list of javelin throwers?

on the internet

Person who throws the discus or javelin?

There is no real title for an athlete that throws the discus or javelin - they are simply referred to as javelin or discus throwers, or more generally as throwers, field event athletes, etc.

What is a person who uses a javelin?

The person who uses a javelin or participates in the sport is called a javelin thrower. The javelin throwers throw the javelin by the use of their hands.

What do people who do Javelin what do they wear?

Javelin throwers wear athletic clothing similar to other track and field athletes. Usually the clothing is snug and form fitting so that it will not get caught on the implement.

Is there an optimal angle to throw a javelin?

Throwing a javelin at the optimal angle. Throwing a javeline at the optimal angle is throwing a javelin at the angle which the air flows efficiently around the javeline.The center of pressure is the aerodynamic force of drag and lift on the javelin.before the 1986 change in javelins , some of the best throwers in the world would throw the javelin with as little as 30 degree angle but greater speed because they were able to hold onto the javelin for longer , producing more force . Good throwers still use this method but the most commen method is releasing the javelin at about a 40 degree angles,causing a longer flight for the javelin.

Who holds the men's world record in the javelin throw?

The current men's world record in the javelin throw is held by Jan Železný from the Czech Republic. He set the record on May 25, 1996, with a throw of 98.48 meters. Železný is considered one of the greatest javelin throwers of all time.

How far do college javelin throwers throw in ivy league?

If you throw javelin fairly far, and you are a girl on top of that, you are very likely to be recruited for college. The likelihood of achieving a full scholarship, however, for just javelin, is unlikely. I consistently threw in the high 120s in high school, and was recruited by many colleges. I ended up with a 3/4 scholarship to a very prestigious NCAA Division 1 school, but I think the fact that I knew how to throw discus and shot put also helped. If you are a girl and throw javelin, there's a high chance you'll get recruited. There aren't many states that throw javelin in high school, so the pool of colleges is rather large compared to the number of elite high school javelin throwers. My advice to you is to stick with it and focus on becoming better every day. Also, be open to all of the colleges recruiting you and build good relationships with each no matter what division they are. Some D3 programs are better than some at the D1 level and sometimes they can offer more "financial aid." Good luck! --Fellow Javelin Thrower

What is the meaning of ''torch throwers of night''?

tourch throwers of the night

How is the speed of a javelin measured?

Assuming the speed is at its greatest at the moment it leaves the throwers hand, 2 (3 dimensional) ordinates a short distance apart are noted and the time taken between them noted also, then speed = distance / time.

What is a good freshman javelin throw?

Are you a guy? Had a meet today, threw 113. I'd say that's pretty good. But if you are aiming to be on track to throw 200, 130 would be better. If you can manage 125, you might have a good chance on making sectionals (/districts)...depending on your location.

How long is the javelin run up?

The run up lane is 4 meters wide and at least 30 meters long. It ends with a curved "scratch line" and feeds into a 29 degree arc. Throwers must remain completely behind the scratch line and the forward tip of the javelin must land inside the area defined by the arc otherwise the throw does not count for score.