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The three pointer is the most missed shot.

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Q: What shot the lowest percentage of being made of basketball?
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What is the definition of basketball shooting percentage?

The amount of shot attempts divided the amount of made shots is shotting percentage.

What was Shaquille O'Neal's Free throw percentage his first five years in the NBA?

According to Basketball Reference, in his first five seasons Shaq made 1834 of 3415 free throws. That winds up being a percentage of 53.7.

What does fg percent in basketball?

fg percent is field goal percent, this is just the percentage of shots are made out of how many were taken.

What is the lowest seed to ever win a NCAA basketball title?

The lowest seed to ever win a NCAA basketball title was Villanova, ranked seed #8. They won the tournament in 1985. Lower seeds have made it to the Final Four (George Mason and Louisiana State, ranked 11th, made it in 2006 and 1986 respectively) but never won. UCLA in 1980 was ranked 48th and made it to the championship game.

Why was a basketball made?

Basketball was made to entertain people and to exercise.

Who was the lowest seed team to ever make it to the men's division 1 basketball final four?

In 2006, George Mason made it as a #11 seed. This is not necessarily the lowest seed of all time to make it to the final four.

What made Michael Jordan famous?

Michael Jordan became famous for being a professional basketball player with the NBA. He was one of the greatest basketball players in the world.

Why was NCAA basketball video game stop being made?

if im not mistaken it because it had poor sales

What year was a basketball made?

The basketball was patented in 1929.

When was love adn basketball made?

The movie, Love and Basketball, was made in April of 2000.

Who was named 2004 olympic basketball team the day after being drafted?

Emeka Okafor? He was a rookie when he made the team.

Why is an an atom smaller than a basketball?

A basketball is made out of atoms.

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