What is free shot in basketball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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A free shot in Basketball would be a free throw. You get this if you are fouled during the game.

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Q: What is free shot in basketball?
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What shot in basketball in worth 1 point?

A foul shot equals one point.

What are the three ways to score in basketball?

three point shot free throwinfield shot

What is the easiest shot in basketball?

the lay-up

How far is the free shot line from the basketball net?

15 Feet

What is the name of the shot in basketball that is made from a set line?

i think you mean a foul shot (free throw)

How many points is a shot form the free throw line in basketball?


Who has shot the most free throws in college basketball history?

tyler hansborough

Is it a foul in basketball in you get shoved after your shot?

Yes it is a foul but you don't get free throws

In basketball what does a free through mean?

A free throw is when you get fouled and you get to shoot 2 free shots. if your shot goes in, you'll get 1.

What a free throw shot and a set shot are?

A free throw shot is when a basketball player gets to shoot the ball from the free throw line, unopposed by the other team. A set shot is when a soccer player gets to set himself up for a shot after the umpire has blown his whistle, it is a free kick awarded to a player.

What are the 6 different shots in basketball?

the one-hand set shot, jump shot, free throw, three-point shot, hook shot, lay-up and runner :)

How do you improve your basketball shot?

You can improve your basketball shot by practicing.