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Whatever shoe company pays them the most.

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Q: What shoes do basketball players wear?
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How many professional basketball players wear Air Jordan shoes?


Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

What shoes do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?

Basketball shoes are usually high-cut to prevent a twisted ankle. They are also made to reduce sliding on the court.

Why do NBA basketball players wear rubber bottom shoes?

So they can grip the court.

Is it ok to run in basketball shoes?

Yes, it is very okay to run in basketball shoes. They are called basketball shoes, which means basketball players wear them, and as everyone knows, basketball players run a lot. Thus, it is okay to run in them. As you run, you may find that they get heavy, but it is definitely safe to run in them.

What do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?


Do basketball players have special shoes?

Yes, they have special shoes made just for playing basketball, and they are appropriately named 'basketball shoes'.

Does Nike make the shoes worn by professional basketball players?

Yes, Nike makes the shoes worn by some basketball players.

Why do basketball players wear rubber soled shoes?

Because they have the best grip, so the players can change direction quickly without sliding around the court.

Can shoes effect jumping height?

yes it can, why do you think basketball players where basketball shoes it makes them jump higher

Name something basketball players wear?

Basketball shoesshortsjersey

What shoes does basketball player wear?


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