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Q: What season did Alan shearer score the most premier league goals with Newcastle?
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Which player has the Highest number of goals in a premier league season?

Both Andy Cole and Alan Shearer have both scored 34 goals in a season. Andy Cole in 93/94 for Newcastle, and Shearer for Blackburn in 94/95.

Which team won the Championship last season to get into the Premier League?

Newcastle United

Who does Alan shearer manage?

Alan Shearer became manager of Newcastle United for the last eight games of the 2008-09 Premier League season, while permanent manager Joe Kinnear was recovering from heart surgery. He has not held a permanent managerial slot since.

Are Newcastle going to win the premier league next season?

Tottenham hotspur for the win!!!!!!!

Who scored the most Premier league goals with head in a season?

john terry

Who is the Premier League top scorer in a season?

2 players have scored 34 goals in a premier league season: Andy Cole in 93-94 and Alan Shearer in 94-95. The premier league was made up of 22 teams at that time, meaning teams had 4 extra games. This changed to 20 from the 95-96 season, due to UEFA policy. The highest scorer in a 38-game premier league season is also Alan Shearer, with 31 goals 95-96.

What season did Alan shearer score the most premier league goals?

The year could be 1995 with Blackburn rovers.

Who won the premier league in 1996-97?

Blackburn Rovers won the premier league in 1995.

Premier league players to score thirty or more a season?

Yes Dennis law. Alan shearer, Thierry Henry, and ronaldo.

Who does Alan Shearer play for in 2008?

Alan Shearer never played for Manchester United - in spite of being mentioned as a transfer target for the team as early as the 1991-92 season, when he was still at Southampton. However, Blackburn Rovers picked him up at the end of the season, for what was then a British record transfer fee, of 3.3 million pounds.

Name five player who has scored thirty premier league goals in one season?

Alan shearer/c.roaldo/fowler/v.nistelroy/cole

How many times has Newcastle won the premier league?

3-4 times