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Q: What religion is Michelle mccool?
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What is Michelle McCool's real name?

Michelle McCool's real name is Michelle Leigh McCool.

What is the birth name of Michelle McCool?

Michelle McCool's birth name is Michelle Leigh McCool.

Does Michelle McCool have children?

No, Michelle McCool does not have children.

What nationality is Michelle mccool's?

Michelle McCool is American.

Who is tougher Melina or Michelle mccool?

Melina is better than Michelle McCool. No, she isn't. Michelle beat her at the Bash, so Michelle McCool is better.

What is Michelle McCool's full name?

Michelle Leigh McCool callaway

Was Michelle mccool married to the undertaker?

Michelle McCool IS married to the Undertaker.

Who is stronger Maria Kanellis or Michelle Mccool?

obivisouly Michelle mccool

Is Michelle McCool still Beth Phoenix best Friend?

yes Michelle McCool is still Beth Phoenix best friend Beth and Michelle are best mates Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool are in total wipeout (dizzy dummies) Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool are won tag team tittles Beth Phoenix have a fight with Michelle McCool in the ring It was true that Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool are fall out each other

What is WWE Michelle mcool real name?

Michelle McCool's real name is Michelle Leigh McCool.

Has cena ever been out with Michelle mccool?

NO, he has never been out with Michelle McCool.

When was Michelle McCool born?

Michelle McCool was born on January 25, 1980.

Does Michelle mccool from US?

Michelle McCool was born in Palatka, Florida, US.

Has batista ever dated Michelle mccool?

No, Michelle McCool is on Smackdown and Batista is on Raw.

How tall is Michelle McCool?

Michelle McCool is 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m).

What is Michelle mccool middle name from WWE?

Her full name is Michelle Leigh McCool.

Is Michelle McCool coming back to WWE?

It is unknown if Michelle McCool will be returning to the WWE.

Is Michelle mccool a teacher?

Yes Michelle Mccool was a teacher .I dont know where but she was a science teacher

Did Melina beat Michelle mccool?

Michelle McCool defeated Melina at 2010 Night of Champions.

Michelle McCool diva in WWE is dating?

Michelle McCool is actually now married to The Undertaker.

How old is michell mccool?

Michelle McCool is 32.

Who won the divas contest between Michelle McCool Maryse Victoria Eve and Cherry?

Michelle McCool

Does Michelle McCool smoke?

No she does not smoke . She is very healthy . Why would you say that Michelle Mccool takes steroids

Michelle mccool undertaker?

Michelle Mccool is with undertaker but soon to be Actually, they are now married.

Is Michelle Mccool dating the undertaker in 2009?