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obivisouly Michelle mccool

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Q: Who is stronger Maria Kanellis or Michelle Mccool?
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Who will Michelle mccool drop womens championship to?


How many WWE divas breasts are real?

Just the flat chested ones Maria Kanellis for sure. Michelle McCool I think and after that I think they are all fake but as a guy it really doesn't matter.

Will maria beat Michelle McCool for WWE diva championship?


What is the birth name of Maria Kanellis?

Maria Kanellis's birth name is Maria Louise Kanellis.

Why did Michelle McCool turn heel?

because she thought Maria cost her the championship

Isn't maryse ouellet hot?

yes maryse is better than Michelle McCool Way better Mickie James and Maria Kanellis are by far my fave divas but the hottest diva is Maryse, I mean just look at her. Oops I am starring again.

Who is maria kanellis's parents?

Adam kanellis & susan kanellis

Where was Maria Kanellis born?

Maria Kanellis was born in Ottawa, Illinois.

Is Maria Kanellis dead?

kanellis is not dead

What is Maria from the WWE's full name?

Maria's full name is Maria Kanellis. Although for wrestling purposes she is simply regarded as Maria.

What nicknames does Maria Kanellis go by?

Maria Kanellis goes by Boop, and Dancer.

What is Maria Kanellis' real name?

Her real name is Maria Louise Kanellis.