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It was Howard Webb, in the finals.

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Q: What referee has awarded most yellow cards?
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Which soccer match has produced the most yellow and red cards?

The most yellow card and red cards in match was when it was Portugal V netherland. 16 YELLOW CARDS AND 4 RED CARDS OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD. The referee was Valentin Ivanov from Russia

Which season in the french league had the most yellow card?

The 2002/2003 season in the French league had the most yellow cards. The number of yellow cards were 1,654.

What team received the most yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

The Netherlands received the most yellow cards at 22.

Which women's soccer match has produced the most yellow and red cards?

usa vs england 6 yellow cards

Which EPL player holds the record for most yellow cards?

Lee Bowyer, 98 yellow cards as of January 2011.

Most yellow cards in a rugby match?

The RFU Junior Vase 2nd round match between Streatham-Croydon and Old Walcountians, held at Frant Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, UK on 6th November 2010, yielded an astonishing eight yellow cards, with Old Walcountians scraping through 23-22. Last night's (20th March, 2009) super 14 match between the Hurricanes and the Bulls saw a record number of yellow cards for Super Rugby being given. The referee issued a total of six yellow cards, or 5 yellow and one red (one player was yellow carded twice and his second yellow automatically became red).

What happens if you are hit with a ball in soccer as a referee?

In most cases play continues. If it was done on intentionally, it depends on the referee but sometimes a yellow maybe even a red card.

Who most yellow cards in football?

Vinnie Jones, around 104 cards in his career, 12 of which were red cards

Who has the most yellow or red cards in soccer?

It depends on how many get issued. Although, 2 yellow cards equal a red. So for instance, you receive 2 yellow cards in one game you are out for the rest of the game and the next game.

Which country has most cards in world cup so far?

Ghana and Netherlands both have 12 yellow cards, the most for any single team. If your counting red cards, then Chile matches the 12 mark (11 yellow, 1 red). Uruguay has the highest with a total of 13 cards (11 yellow, 2 red).

Which premirship footballer has the most yellow cards?

ian wright???

What were the most yellow cards in an Olympic soccer game?


Who got most cards in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Combined yellow and red cards were Holland and Chile.

Which player has the most yellow cards and is still playing in the premiership?

Craig bellamy

Who has most yellow cards in premier league?

Jean Claude van damne

Which team received the most red and yellow cards in the 2010 world cup?

The Netherlands received the most yellow cards in the 2010 FIFA World Cup at 22. Four teams tied for having the most red cards: Algeria, Australia, Brazil, and Uruguay. Each received 2 red cards.

What player has the most yellow cards in premiership?


Which premier league game had the most yellow cards?

Had to be a Blackburn or a Bolton game surely ;)

Which La Liga player holds the record for most career yellow cards?

leo messi

What is the most yellow cards in one game?

14 and one red in the 2010 world cup

What player got most yellow cards in premier league history?

Lee Bowyer with 99 yellows

What equipment does a linesman need in football soccer?

The assistant referee (or "linesman" as it is sometimes incorrectly called) wears a uniform shirt, shorts, and socks consistent with the referee. The AR also wears black shoes, sometimes with cleats or rubber grips on the sole. The AR will also have a flag, used for signalling when the ball is out of play and when an offside infraction, foul, or other misconduct has occurred. Most ARs will also wear a watch to keep a backup record of game time, red and yellow cards, a whistle, a notebook or score sheet, a pen, and a game coin (just as the Referee has all these things) so that he or she can take the Referee's place in the event of incapacitation. Finally, some professional leagues use a referee communication system, and so the AR will be equipped with this as well, if available.

What would the referee do if a substitute ran onto the field before the referee waived the player on or said it was okay to come onto the field in a soccer game?

You would be issued a blue card 2 min for to many men and maybe an unsportsmanlike conduct. Blue cards are shown in the Indoor soccer leagues. If this is a match at the professional level (MLS, EUFA, English Premier, etc), most likely the substitute would be shown the yellow card for entering the field without the referee's permission. The college level referee would most likely have the same response. In the high school leagues, there tends to be a little more leniency. Perhaps a verbal warning would suffice. In the AYSO level of play, there is even more leniency. I referee with AYSO, club soccer, high school and indoor. But remember, it is the discretion of the referee at the time the substitute enters the field as to what he decides to do. There are a lot of factors to consider before showing a card to a player. Hope this helps.

What player got the most red or yellow cards in the premiership 2007-2008?

Nicky Butt had the most yellow cards last season with 13.Richard Dunne, Sulley Ali Muntari and Ryan Nelsen got the most red cards with 2 each.Reference : Opta Premier League Statistics 2007 - 2008.

What do women rugby players call the referee?

Males are called either, referee, ref of most frequently sir. Females are called either ref, referee, or marm