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The 2002/2003 season in the French league had the most yellow cards. The number of yellow cards were 1,654.

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Q: Which season in the french league had the most yellow card?
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How many yellow cards can you get in the champions league before you are suspended?

You are suspended after the second yellow card.

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Who has the fastest yellow card in English premier league?

i don't know the premier league but a Mexican goalkeeper oswaldo sanchez got a yellow before the game started

How many red and yellow card has Kevin Davies received this season?

0 reds.

How many yellow cards has Wayne Rooney got this season?

Wayne rooney got a yellow card againt swansea on this day.

How many yellow cards has gareth Bale?

He only has 1 yellow card so far this season. he has had 1 at international level aswell

What happens if you get a red card in the premier league?

Same as any other league you get a warning 2 yellow cards in one game will get you suspended for a game

How many wildcard teams in the American league?

at the end of the season, theres is 1 team from each league with a wild card playoff spot

What happens if a second yellow card is issued?

the 2nd yellow card is a red card, there are no back-to-back yellow's.

How much you have to pay for yellow card in soccer?

The FIFA Laws of the Game don't list a fine. Each league sets its own rules for such things, so players in some professional leagues might have to pay a fine if shown a yellow card, but that would be decided by their specific league.

When will the yellow card be wiped out?

The yellow card will be wiped out in the quarter finals

What is the wild card in the Major League Baseball?

If you are talking about the MLB season, "Wild Card" means that one 2nd place team can advance to divisional playoffs.

What does a yellow card mean in hockey?

hi, yellow card mean a warning

How much does a yellow card cost?

it cost nothing

When was Yellow Card Man created?

Yellow Card Man was created in 2006-12.

Which play holds premier league record for appearing in the most games without ever receiving a yellow or red card?


Does one yellow card in European football association champions league follow to the knock out stage?

No, players who are short of suspension after the group stage have their yellow cards wiped for the knock out stage.

What is a yellow card and red card in soccer?

Basically a yellow card is a caution. A red is punishment, if you receive two yellows in one game you will get a red card. A red card punishment is when you are 'sent off' the pitch and the player is no longer allowed to play and receives a temporary ban usually 1 - 3 games depending on the rules of the Soccer/Football league.

Why do players get yellow card in football?

The yellow card is a warning to a player who did something illegal in the game.

In soccer what is a yellow card and a red card?

In soccer a yellow card is issued as a warning for committing a foul that is not so serious. A red card on the other hand is issued for serious offences or for someone who had received a yellow card earlier.

Do you have to pay for a yellow card?

no only for a red card

How many yellow cards to get a red card?

two yellow cards = one red card one red card = out of game

How much is a yellow card fine in football?

25k Way off. It starts at £15 for a yellow card, and goes up incrementally (with add-ons, where the FA sees fit). This is universal throughout football be it Sunday league or the highest level (English football).

What is the difference between a red an yellow card in soccer?

A yellow card is a warning, and two yellow cards equal a red card, which is where the player is sent off. A player may receive a straight red card.