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Q: Are yellow cards still used in football?
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When were red and yellow cards used?

A yellow card is used to warn a player, a red card sends a player off the pitch for the rest of the match. Two yellow cards equal a red card

What colour cards are used in soccer?

The cards used in soccer (2) were the yellow card (warning) or red (sent off).

When were red and yellow cards first used in soccer?

in the 1970's

What are the three colour cards used in field hockey?

red yellow blue

Did football referees flags used to be red before they were yellow?


In which year were red and yellow cards first used in the English leagues?

The first time a red and yellow card were used was in the 1970 world cup in Mexico.

What year were yellow cards first used in the World Cup finals?

1970 FIFA World Cup.

Is their a list of players that received red and yellow cards in test matches since 1999 and up to the June 2009?

yellow and red card is not used in cricket.

What color football are used in matrches what color footballs are used in snow?

Depending on the playing surface, it is normally a bright yellow.

What year did Red and yellow cards get used?

The first major use for the red and yellow cards was in the 1970 FIFA World Cup. British referee Ken Aston came up with the language-neutral cards for cautions and dismissals.

What do the cards in soccer mean?

In soccer a yellow card is used for a minor foul. If you get two yellow cards in one game, you are given a red card. If a red card is given the player has to leave the game and a substitute has to enter the playing field.

Football with yellow lines along the seams it was a test football invented by Charles Finley it was used as an experimental ball it is over twenty years old. Is there any value to this football?


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