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Most RBIs in a single postseason, 21.

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Q: What records did David Freese break in the 2011 World series?
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Who is the youngest rookie to win a world series ring?

David freese

When David Freese won the 2011 World Series MVP award what did Freese receive as a prize?

He won a 2012 Chevy Corvette.

Who was MLB 2011 world series MVP?

Cardinals third baseman David Freese

What is the value of freese home run ball world series game 6?

8.5 million

How many home runs did cardinals hit in 2011 world series?

8. 3 were hit by Albert Pujols and another 3 were hit by Allen Craig. Lance Berkman and David Freese both hit one home run in the series.

Who has broken the most world records in the world?

David Gravette

How many World Series rings does David Wright have?

David Wright has never won a World Series ring in his career.

What is is the Cincinnati Reds World Series record?

The Cincinnati Reds have won 5 World Series records.

Who won the 2011 world series mvp?

It was David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals, who hit a dramatic game-winning home run in the 11th inning of Game 6 against the Texas Rangers. Thanks to his heroics, the Cardinals were able to win the Series in Game 7.

What are important records of the Boston Red Sox?

World series

Is real Madrid the best soccer player in the world?

Naw its most likley tim tebow but im not sure it might be david freese to!

How many World Series rings does David Eckstein have?

David Eckstein has two World Series rings. One from the 2002 World Series with the Anaheim Angels, and the other from 2006 with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who was the m.v.p. for the 1995 World Series?

David Justice

Did cardinals win game 6 in 2011 world series?

Yes. In 11 innings, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers, 10-9. The winning hit was a solo home run in the bottom of the 11th by the Cardinals' David Freese.

How is it decided which teams get to play in the world series?

by playoffs and records of teams

Bob Gibson World Series strikeout record?

Bob Gibson's World Series strikeout records are: 17 strikeouts in a World Series game (Game 1, 1968 Series) 35 strikeouts in one World Series (1968)

What are the release dates for David Frost Presents the Guiness Book of World Records - 1975 TV?

David Frost Presents the Guiness Book of World Records - 1975 TV was released on: USA: 7 May 1975

Which players hold the records for most career home runs and RBIs in World Series history?

Both records are held by Mickey Mantle who had 18 home runs and 40 RBIs in 65 World Series games.

Is there a world records for have the most world records?

As of 14 April 2009 Ashrita Furman (USA) held 100 Guinness World Records in total.

Who was the MVP of the 2006 World Series?

David Eckstein of the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series MVP award in 2006.

How many RBIs did David Fresse have in the 2011 World Series?


Who had the final out of the 2011 world series?

David Murphy (Texas Rangers).

What actors and actresses appeared in David Frost Presents the Guiness Book of World Records - 1975?

The cast of David Frost Presents the Guiness Book of World Records - 1975 includes: Fred Foy as Announcer David Frost as Himself - Host Ron Nix as himself

What has the author Carlos Urbano written?

Carlos Urbano has written: 'World Series baseball' -- subject(s): Baseball, History, Records, World Series (Baseball)

What years did David Cone win the World Series with the Yankees?

Cone appeared in the World Series with the Yankees in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000. The Yankees won each of those World Series.