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Coach:screaming and arguing with Ref. Player stepping outside the line, double dribbling, hitting another player, pushing another player outside of line, loosing ball outside of line, touching ball when going outside the line. Im not in Basketball but im a manager.

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Q: What reason would a player or coach be given a foul?
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What are the respnosibilities of a coach?

the responsibilities of a coach would be treat your whole team with respect and dicipline a coach is the reason for any success that team may have a team is one big family ..and there is no i in team!!!!!!!

How long do basketball player have to sit out after a trade?

They sit out until their physical is complete, and then the only reason they would sit out is because of the flight time or because the coach doesn't want them to play.

What is the football postition OC?

I would imagine this is (offensive coordinator) A coach Not a player

Who gets paid more the basketball player or the coach?

I would say the player. Since he gets paid for every game and the coach.....i dunno. Im not rlly into basketball but that's my guess.

Is there anytime a batter would sign or give signals to his coaches or teammates?

Yes, once instance when the batter would give a signal is when (s)he understood the signal that was given by the third base coach. This signal could be the batter touching the helmet after the signal was given by the coach or maybe reaching down to grab a handful of dirt. Sometimes you will see the batter call time and walk down to the third base coach to have a discussion. This could be because the batter did not understand the signal given by the coach.

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There is a General Manager and a Pitching Coach what are other jobs other than player is there on a major league baseball team?

Other positions on a baseball team that you would see on a field would be first base coach, third base coach, bullpen coach, hitting/batting coach, manager, trainer, batboy, ballboy/ballgirl, grounds crew.

Can a baseball coach be part of the roster?

Yes, actually, that is the reason they wear uniforms today because in many cases the coach was also a player. A team can put anyone on the roster, however, in today's game there is a lot of things going on in a managers head, so it would be difficult for him to both manage and play. In addition most managers are well out of their prime and have retired from playing ball for a reason, but none the less. A coach or manager could be placed on the active roster if the franchise wanted to do that, much like a player could manager if that is what the franchise wanted to do

Was art shell the first black NFL head coach?

In the modern era, yes.Fritz Pollard was a player/coach of the 1921 Akron Pros and would be considered the first African American head coach in NFL history.

Who was the youngest coach in NFL history?

Jim Mora Actually, that would be Lane Kiffin. I think Milan Creighton was a player/head coach for the Chicago Cardinals while in his twenties.

If a girl hockey player is pregnant does she get a break?

This would be left up to the player, her doctor, and her coach to decide. In most cases it depends on the risks involved.

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