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Tim Harland

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Q: What quarterbacks has never been sacked in college football?
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How did college become football?

College never became football. People in college play football.

What college football players never played football before reaching college?


What quarterbacks from the same college met in Super Bowl?

It has never happened in the same Super Bowl game.

Did chip Kelly play college football?

No, he attended the University of New Hampshire, but he never played college football.

When did lil boosie go to lsu?

He never did. He never went to college at all. He is just really obsessed with their football team - Louisiana State University's Tigers. He enjoys college football.

Did Preston Pearson play college football?

No Preston Pearson went to the University of Illinois and excelled at basketball. He never played college football.

What team did LeBron James play for in college football?

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He never played college football, nor did he even attend college.

Has a doctor ever played college football?

maybe, you never know

When has a college football team ever played a pro football team?

Never has happened. The NFL and College Football are 2 different leagues besically, they will never play each other due to expierence problems and scheduling confrontations.

Has the Florida State football team ever played the University of Texas?

No, they have never met in college football.

Who was the best college football player who never played in the nfl?

walter paton

What great NFL football quarterback never attended college?

Peyton Manning

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