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It has never happened in Super Bowl history.

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Q: What Super Bowl has ever seen two quarterbacks from the same college start against each other?
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Which former teammates were starting quarterbacks against each other in a super bowl?

Super Bowl XII - Dallas v. Denver - The starting QB for Denver, Craig Morton, was the starting QB for Dallas in Super Bowl V. The starting QB for Dallas, Roger Staubach, was the backup QB for Dallas in Super Bowl V.

How many brother NFL quarterbacks have played against each other?

i belive Eli and payton are the only brothers who have played against each other as starting nfl qbs

What Giant quarterbacks took other teams to Super Bowls?

Kerry Collins, Kurt warner, Fran tarkington, Craig morton

What quarterbacks has won the most Super Bowls?

Tom Brady has won 6 Super Bowls. 2 more than any other Quarterback in history.

Did the Manning brothers ever play against each other in a Super Bowl?

No. They have played against each other in regular season games, but never in a Super Bowl.

In an NFL game can 2 quarterbacks on the same team play at the same time?

yes, there is no rule against an NFL team having 2 quarterbacks on the field at the same time the only restriction regarding quarterbacks is that the 3rd quarterback cannot play in the game at all unless both of the other 2 quarterbacks are injured and unable to play further in the game

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Did the Peyton brothers play against each other in a super-bowl?


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Who are the oldest quarterbacks to start against each other in the nfl?

I believe it was Arizona vs. minnesota on dec 6 2009 ...Brett farve and Kurt warner

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