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Bernie Kosar - 308 from 1990-1991

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Q: What quarterback has the longest streak without an interception and was it one year or two?
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Does Tom Brady's attempts without an interception continue into the next season or did the INT in the playoffs end the streak?

Tom Brady's pass attempts without an interception streak does not continue into the next season as the interception in the game versus the New York Jets ended the streak officially.

What Division 1A college football quarterback holds the longest winning streak?

Chuck Ealey, University of Toledo'69-'71, 35-0

Has any quarterback thrown 0 interceptions in a single season?

No NFL starting QB has played the entire season without throwing an interception. The closest was Damon Huard of the 2006 Kansas City Chiefs who played in 10 games, starting 8 and threw 1 interception in 244 pass attempts. The most passes attempted by a QB in an NFL season without an interception is 127 by Paul Justin of the 1996 Indianapolis Colts. He played in 8 games, starting 2. Bernie Kosar of the 1990 and 1991 Cleveland Browns holds the NFL record with 308 consecutive passes without an interception. The streak started in Game 14 of the 1990 season and ended in Game 10 of the 1991 season.

What is the longest looseing streak with out winning a chjampionship?

if you are talking about baseball then the cubs have gone the longest without a world series win. they have gone over 100 years without a championship.

What was the longest winning streak by the Chicago bulls?

the longest winning streak is 48 win-streak by Boston Collage

What was the Cleveland Cavaliers longest home winning streak?

I believe there longest winning streak was 13 wins

What was Mickey Mantle's longest hitting streak?

Mickey Mantle's longest hitting streak was 16 games.

What is the Cleveland Indians longest losing streak?

Their longest home winning streak was 14 games

What is Dallas Cowboys longest playoff streak?

Their longest is 8

When was the Blue Jays' longest winning streak?

The Blue Jays' longest winning streak was 11 games in 1987 and 1998.

Who has the longest winning streak in basketball NBA or College?

UCLA's 88 game win streak is the longest in mens basketball

How long is Alabamas longest winning streak over auburn?

Alabamas longest streak over auburn is 9 games