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UCLA's 88 game win streak is the longest in mens Basketball

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Q: Who has the longest winning streak in basketball NBA or College?
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College basketball longest active winning streak?

womens college basketball. uconn

What college mens basketball team has the second longest home winning streak?

Kentucky wildcats

What team has the longest winning streak in basketball?

Houston Rockets 22 winning streak

Who has the longest current winning streak in division 1 men's college basketball?

UCLA has the longest overall winning streak. However the Butler Bulldogs have the longest CURRENT winning streak in men's division 1 college basketball. As of 3/26/2010 Butler has 23 consecutive wins.

Who has the longest women's basketball winning streak?


What was unlv men's basketball longest winning streak?


Who currently has the longest college baseball winning streak?


What is the longest winning streak in women's college basketball history?

Wayland Baptist University 131 games during the 50's

What team has the longest winning streak?

The team is the Washington Women Basketball Team

What is the longest winning streak Kentucky has held over Tennessee in basketball?


Who has the current longest winning streak in college baseball?

As of Apr 18, 2013, Bryant University has the longest Division I Baseball winning streak, which is 19.

Which college football team has the longest home winning streak?